1898 a Sheat for the garden

March 14 Mr Wickum the man that works for Jimie Snidow come Cleaned the garden off burnt the limbs Johnnie kinzer Sawed Some limbes off Some of the trees

March 21 Monday I Set a Stalk of curley cale and Several Stalks Parsley

March 23 Mr. Wiccum Plowed the garden with Jimie Snidows two mules, I Sent for Seed to day 3 hanover Turnips, an 3 beetes of old Snidows Raising and Severl Stalk of Sellery all for to go

April 8 good Friday Scale Sign venis Star full moon, the 6 I Put tomato Seed in the big Pan of dirt, Minnie Cook 2 Rows of Seed next to the end with 2 nails Ela Put 2 Rows of Seed at the End no nail, Florence Gray Put 2 Rows of Seed in the middle of the box

April 9th I Planted 19 big onions on the uper of them I Planted in the fall they are the onions Ela got of Mrs Cook I havent Planted the Sets yet

April 12 Mr Wickum come this Evening made 5 beds for onions and helped Maggie (Snidow) and I to Plante them I howed the onions I planted in the fall he went got the mules and harrad the garden over last time

Wednesd april 13 I made my cabbage Seed bed made one for hanovers Clarence (Snidow) made one for letice an beets after 4 oclock Mr Wickum layed off the tater ground and him and Clarence Planted 23 Rowes and a 1/2 of my good Snowflake Potatos

april 15th I Planted 5 Rows flat dutch Cabbage Seed, three Rows of hanover turnip seed two Rowes of letise Seed the Row next the beets, old lady Snidow Sent the Seed

april 16th I planted half Row taters, 5 Rowes of Peas the Row next the taters are Stick Peas

thursday april 21 I Planted 5 Short Rowes of goldeye bunch beens below the grimes golden tree

Friday april 22 I Planted a Row and Peice of a Row of Parsnip Seed clear a cross the corn Pach and Sowed broad leaf Cale under Grimes golden tree

Saturday april 23 Mr Wickum Clarence an myself we Planted Part of the lot in corn an beens began Rain before we got done

Tuesday 26 I Planted 2 Rows goldeye beens, an 4 Rows of limer bunch beens and Ela Planted all her flower Seedes an Some Roots the last day of the Up Sign and Twin Sign

April 29 I howed up 2 beds up the Street fence. Planted Tomato Seed the Seed next the turnip is Seed got of Sarah (Gray) Florance Gray Planted the Seed, Minnie keister an Ela finished the Row of my good Earley Sort then the girls Put Radish Seed in the Row and around in onion beds I Planted the upper bed in Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Seed, I howed the grass up the fence down too

mondy May 2th Posey Sign I trimed the Grape vines an Planted Some Slips

tuesda may 3th down Sign last of the Posey sign 2 days till full moon I Planted a Row of new Sort of bunch beans next the Parsnips then 2 Rows onion Seed one Row of Radish seed next one Row of Cabbage Seed all under the Earley Ripe apple tree

may 9 I made 29 hills for tomatos an Set the Plants in them 2 days till the last quarter of the moon.

may 11th I Spaded up the corner where the curn bushes was for cucumbers and howed an Raked 2 Rows long Side the onions an Planted brown bunch beans

May 12th I Planted 14teen white onions in the hanover turnip bed for Seed the last Sign in the knee an last quarter of moon these Seed was Planted the Sign down 2 days venis Star and in the lion

monday may 16th I Plant 15teen big onions Tilda Gray gave them to me

May 17 Set 17teen tomato Plants

may 19 I buged the taters howed 2 Rows of them an Set 25 tomato Plants

may 21 I Planted 7teen hills of cucumber Seed and made 25 hills for Tomatoes and wet the hills and Set the Plants, howed my onions I found a big white tater by the old burnt Stump beginning two Sprout and I planted it at the End of the Parsnip Row next to the fence

may 25 Jimie (Snidow) had the corn and taters Plowed I Replanted bunch beens up by the onions

may 28 I howed an hilled 6 Rowes of taters and 5 of Peas they are beginning to bloom

may 30 I Set 25 tomato Plants and howed 3 Rowes

June 3th I finished howing an hilling the Potatoes this evening

June 4 I howed Some of my bunch beens they are full of buds for bloom

June 7 I Planted 3 Rows of White bunch beans I howed the Parsnips

June 8th I Planted a Row beens

June 11th Jimie Snidow got a boy two how the corn over

June 14th Ellet come Set 8 Rowes of hanover turnips, and Plowed the cabbage Patch today and he Plowed up 25 of my tomato Plants I had Set on whit mondy 2 weeks

June 15 Ellet and a nother man fixed the ground and Set 4 hundred an 38 cabbage Plants

Note: The Year of 1893 in the LIfe of Rosanna Croy Dawson of Blacksburg, Virginia, p.. Compiled by D. P. Pack, Blacksburg, Va. April 1980, pp.48-50.