Family Genealogy

Rose Ann Croy William Dawson

Rose Ann (Roseanna) Croy (3/2/1822-3/18/1906)
a daughter of Elizabeth (Betsy) Echols Croy (6/2/1797-1/10/1879) and Adam Croy (10/6/1792-10/22/1861) of Blacksburg, Virginia married January 2, 1840 William Dawson, born Detroit, Michigan, 11/25/1811, educated at Carlysle, Pennsylvania, Died Blacksburg 3/27/1878. Both buried in Blacksburg Cemetery.

Rose Anne's sisters were:
Tilda who married Nick Gray (ch: Walt, Mollie, Frank)
Eliza who married William Angel and lived in Roanoke, Virginia.

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