1898 a Sheat for Marrages

January 3 Profeser Smithe come back to the College with a Wife with him

January 10 Mr Harry Pugh an Miss Blanch Hubbard went to North Carolina married Earley in morning got home at Six oclock in evening

January 19 Mr Peteras married a miss Hudson of Pulaski She was a cousin of Rev Hufford that is the Husband of his Daughter Ema and he was married at Emas and his Soninlaw married them

January 20 Mr Charles H. Perkins of Nashua and Miss Carrie Bell Dawson daughter of Bertie an Robert Dawson, were married at Epworth Me Church South by the Pastor Rev. John O knott, at Washington DC

January 26 waller Stanger and miss Sutton of Newburne was married today

february 23 Mr John Brown an the widow Miller was married Rev Holladay married them they both were Raised an lived at Roanoke Valley

february 24 Mr James Davis and Miss Bettie Sibold was married Rev Groseclose Said the Seriemonie, both of them live on Toms Creek, was raised there too

Wednesdy april 27 old mr Crage was married late to a miss Croumer down Roanoke Valley Rev Groseclose married them Mr Cook went long to See it well done

April 27 this day 18teen years, Rev Davidson and his wife was married

Wednesday June first day at 10 oclock Edgar Gray an Minnie Cook was married Rev Groseclose Said the Seremonie Rev G T Gray made the Prayer

June 8 Miss Susie kare and Mr Helem Linkous of Pinie Woods were married this Evening at 4 oclock at her home by Rev Davidson of the Me (Methodist Episcopal) Church

Wednes June 29 Miss Minnie Wall an Willie Bell was married in ME church by Rev Holaday Paster of the Presbyteran church they both Raised on Toms Creek

July 20 Mrs Clara Tucks and a Mr Sarvar of Giles county was married to night about 8 oclock at her Sisters up at the house is called the Jones Rev Davidson Said the Serramony

Monday July 25th There was a Mr. Saundors Tends two the College creamery come back with his bride the boys gave them a big Callithumping

October 13th two night in Grace church at Roanoke City, Lara the Widow Right was married to a Mr Bird (I dont know whether he had wings to fly or not)

october 16th marrage Rev Davidson Said the Seramoina it was at Owens and the Couple was Owens

October we heard our Elder Balls daughter Maggie was married too a Preacher JC Jones that Preach in Washington when we were living there

October 26 Miss Lizzie Cowen and a Mr Adames of Radford was married

Sunday november 13 maud keister and Mr Wilson from Christiansburg was married this morning at her Fathers Mr Crist keister, Rev Hubbard Said the Serrimony She was Sick and DR Black went out to See her, and Saw the marrage well done

december 1th at 8 oclock to night Prissla Grisom and Mr Boles was married Rev Groseclose married at her Fathers Ella an I were invited I didnt go

december 27 Nellie keister was married to Mr Brame at 6 oclock in the ME (Methodist Episcopal) Church Rev Davidson Said the Serimona and they left for his home, at Chase City in North Carolina

december 28th to night between 8 and 9 oclock a black couple was married in there church and by there Preacher her name was Lucy Turner his name Baker