Marriages in 1893

feb 27th Lena keister Dinks daughter was married to Mr Loock here at Sue Gallaways rev Burnet did the marri they went to Bluefield

March 4th W Sue Rodes ran of with Mr Jeffs to Washington got married there

March 29 Miss Sue Johnson an Profeser Price was married at Christingsburg at her home bords at Thomas hotel

May 2 rev Dolly married Jacke Olovers daughter Sallie to Caves Son Walt Gray went with Dolly

Augst 9th Walt Gray was married to miss Lara Williams in Giles county at her fathers rev G T Gray married them

august 10th to night their is a colerd marrage in the church\

Sept 14th Rosa Wall Franks daughter an a Mr Flanigan was married today went through town on a trip to the Worldsfare

Sept 22 Charley Evans brought his Bride to Floras

Oct first day negro marriage at Selie Campeles

Nov 7 or 8 hary Pugh an Mallie Broce went to Bristol an got married

Nov 21st Ollie Faulkner an her Brotherinlaw was married

Dec 21st Lara Lester was married to Mr Brammer from Floyed County this morn Rev Burnet married them

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.