Selections from the Diaries of
Roseanna Croy Dawson

Blacksburg in 1898

A Sheat for Moving

January 5 Wednesdy Humpriers the miller moved in the Mrs Jacob keister house

January 7th an 8th Mrs Songer moved in the Amous house with her Brother

January 8 Mrs Git moved in the hous her Sister lived in

Monday 10 Mr Luckis moved out the hous by the blacksmith Shop his wife moved down on Roanoke kreek to his wifes mothers her name was Miller

Saturdy January 15 old Miss Batey moved back in the house by the blacksmith Shop She moved in the Scale Sign, down Sign, and dark moon

february 11 a old colored man owens lived clab town he is moving back two the country

february 21 Mr Waller Stanger an wife moved in the hous Wesley Dawson had built

february 21 or 22 Bob cabrick moved in his new house on the college hill hollow

february 23 Jimie David moved in his new house on college hill or hollower Thes men built there houses and moved there thingsin then got there wives Put them in

Mrch 31 Mr kyle Luckis is moving this Evening in Mrs Gitts house

Wednesd April 6 Mr. Harmen keister moved in the house Wick Scantlon lived in and She moved in the hous near Stangers branch below Murrels, the house Isahia Campter built it and lived in it Several years

May 19 Mr and Mrs Rash moved in Mrs Mathewes upstairs this mornin

May 30th Edgar Gray moved his things to his owen house from Mr Croys

mondy June 20 Mrs Palmer and her Family come home for the Summer

June 23 or 24th Mrs Black fixed up Charlsis Roome She is going two her owen home

July 24 Mrs Black was to See me and Said She has all her house Ready to take her bed an go in it, Mrs Black went in her owen house to live her an Charley, one day last week after the moon fulled

August 24 Mr Frank Harvey is moveing in his own new house

August 25 Mr Fleets moved in the Part of the house joining Blacks Store

august 30 Mr Billie Hall and family are moving two Roanoke near Hollands Institute, they have lived near Town for a good many years Mr Hall went two School to Mr Dawson when a young man in three year 1839 When the log School house was in the town Graveyard

September 16 the Family that lived in DR Eletts house moved in the house Cor (Colonel) Shanks lived in all these moves down Sign dark moon

September 17th Ela and I made a move new moon Scale Signe Venis Star the dowen moon, we moved our wardrobe in the corner between the two windows and my bed where it was and the washstand at the foot of the bed

September 3 Mr Routledge moved in the house Wesley Dawson built East of Blacksburg

September 23th Mrs Rash Sent a load of her house things to Rev Edwourds

September 28 Mitchel Linkous widow moved in the house Jimie Snidow left emty

October 10th Mrs Walker began two move in the DR Eletts house

October Second week Willie Angel moved

October last week Mr Packs Soninlaw Mr Kale has been moving in the Martin house

november 5 two night is the first light I have Seene in Mr Cales house Since they moved there things there

Monday November 7 Miss Sue Gray moved in the office at the Presbytrian Parsnage and Eates at Walter Grays. Sarah wouldnt let her live with her after tomes death

thursdy november 10 Mr Fleat moved in the Presbyterran Parsnage

november 10th Mcroskey moved in with Ballard Lincous in the Amos house

november 10th Humphries moved in the Bodell brick mansion

november 10th Wallter Stanger moved in the keister house where humphries lived

november 10th Willie Price moved in his new house on the corner of his fathers lot her had it most done before he went two the army

november 17 Mr Pack moved Some of there things an thereSelves in there new hous

november Mr Luster moved his Grosery Store in Dr Conways Drug Store

november Mr John Grisom moved in the Rooms over the Store and Side of the Store

november 22 Sarah Smith moved in the Rooms at Blacks Store

november 29 kile Tuckes moved from the widow Gitts up in the house Wesle Dawson built his Sister Mrs Rutledge lives in that house too, and Mrs Gitts Sister Mrs Songer moved back in that house

December 19 to day I Recon Rev Bula left Roanoke city to go to Baltimor city and a very hard move for him his 4 years wasnt out till conference

december 26th Myrtle Snidow moved her Christmas house this morning between 10 and 11 oclock She and Ela carried it over Clarence got a box and made a house, Ela Pappered it nice with blue Paper Bob kinzer Painted the Roof and Chimneys, and Ela filled it for her Xmas gift bed an a nice little Stid, burow 3 little chairs a table 2 Silk foot Stools her mother got a little Piano clarence got a doll, Ela had it dressed and other toyes in it Sallie Ledgerwood come up an made the clothes for the doll Ela to buisy

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.