a Sheate for Preserving 1898

friday august 12 I made 10 lbs of blue Plumbs up in 9 lbs of Shugar

august 20 I made 8 lbs of Pares in 7 lbs of Sugar

august 30th I Strained the wine this Evening 6 lbs of Sugar in it

September 2 I Put the wine I made in 4 quart bottles an a half galon in three flaskes

September 6 made half galon of Elderberry wine Put 2 lbs of Sugar in it

September 12 I made 4 lbs melon Sweete Pickle a lb 1/2 Sugar in them caned 1/3 galon Peaches an made goblet of Peach Jelley

September 13 I made 4 1/2 lbs of mellon Pickle Put 2 lbs Sugar in them

September 15th I made 12 lbs of damsons Put 10 lbs of Sugar in them they are good

September 15th I made 5 lbs of Sweete Paer Preserves Put 4 lbs Sugar in them

September 17 I boiled over a Jare of damson Preserves I made last September and got so thick I Sliced them out I Put them in Sugar and water

September 21th I Shuck half galon of damsons made Jelley out them I had three Pints 1/2 of Juce and three 1/2 of Sugar in it made 3 glasses and 2 goblets full

October 7 I caned 2 half galon cans of appels Ela bought the name of apel is bendavis

October 8th I Strained the Elderberry wine Put it in quart Jares 5 pints

October 10 I caned half galon of bought appels

October 13 Pozie Signe dark moon and down Signe Ela and Bob kinzer dug up the Pink Peonie, an the dark Red Peonie Set them in her flower garden, an they dug up the old white lillie that old Mrs Helem gave me the Root\ in the year 1853, the Root will coure White Swelling

november 3th Will Washington Spaded an Raked the onion bed up he charged .20 cts

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.