a Sheat for Will Washington for Wood cutting an other work he does for us

January 8 he began to cut on a load of wood Mr Bob Price brough last year

January 22 I Payed Willie Washington for cutting the load 50 cts cash

January 31 Will Washington brought me two buckets of water

feb 2th two buckets

feb 3 two buckets

febr 4 two buckets

february 12 two buckets

February 14 two buckets

febr 20 2 buckets

febr 21 2 buckets

feb 28 2 buckets

Mar 2 two buckets

march 4 2 buckets

march 16 4 buckets

february 22 Willie Washington cleaned the coal
2 Whealbaros of dirt out of it one barral of fine coal
charged 10 scents Paid

April 22 Wille Washington worked at flower yard all day digging, caring
dirt, making bed. Checked him out a 4 oclo

April 23 Will worked from Earley morning in the flower yard till the Rain
Ela five Will Wash 25 cts

April 25 Will Washington worked all day int the flower bed dug up the little Proon tree an Planted over by the Quince tree

April 26 Will Washington worked day in the flowere garden cutting out the grass

April 27 Will Washington finished up the flower yard charged $2.00

May 6 Will Washington began to cut the load of wood Mr. Bob Price brought

June 28 Ela gave Willie Washington on the work he done $1.00 cash

July 13 Will Washington Sifted the last bit of coal Ela gave Will 25cts

August 2 Will Washington cleaned the flower yard
Ela gave him 25cts cash

August 23 Ela gave Will Washington 50 cash

August 31th Will Washington dug 4 Rowes of Early Rose Taters

September 16 Ela gave Will Washington 25cts cash

September 29th Ela let Willie Washington have galon Sorgom 50cts

October 13th Will Washington worked in flower garden made brick mounds half day

October 14th Will Washinton finished the flower garden half day

November 3 Will Spaded the onion bed

November 7th Will Washington got over coat Sara (Barkman) Sent to Ela for him

November 11th Will Wash brought 3 bushel coal from the mill
he charged $2.50

November 22 Willie Washington began to cut the wood that was to long al the load Ela got of John Price all Ready cut an Split, November 26th, december 3th, December 13th Will cut off oke kindling

december Will cut the last of the oke wood

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.