Montgomery News Messenger
March 5, 1942

Map of Blacksburg Defense Zones

The Blacksburg Civilian Defense area includes the V.P.I. campus and territory one mile beyond the town limits, divided into five sections. Rudolph Michael is coordinator and H. P. C. Vandenberg is chief air raid warden, with Nelson Price being chief control officer.

The accompanying map of the Blacksburg civilian defense area shows the five sections into which this area has been divided. Each area has its own senior air raid warden. Following is a list of the volunteers in this set-up:

Section 1 --- E. S. Bishop, senior warden; junior wardens, J. F. Ryman, R. E. Lee, J. A. Cox, I. C. Wall. P. M. Caldwell, K. L. Akers, Mrs. A. E. Shannon; fire watchers, L. O. Price, P. L. Kenley, W. S. Roberts, F. W. Miller, L. G. McCoy, John Green Preston Mays, E. C. Duncan, Monroe Simpkins; deputy police, W. L. Winston, W. R. Hall, W. A. Turner, E. R. Arrington; messenger boys, Cameron Price, Johnny Cothern, Elmer Vaught, Bobby Handley, Freddie Morris, Dickie Cregger; stretcher bearers, L.S. Murrill, Maury Surface, Lee Kenley and Fred Broce.

Section 2 --- Guy M. Brunk, senior warden; junior wardens, S.H. Kessinger, Alfred Perdue Robert Tait, Jr., M. F. McElrath, W. T. Scott, Howard Price, R. G. Henderson, Arthur Bishop fire watchers, L. E. Winston, Carli Sites, John Sears, Pearlie Price, Lee Dickerson, H. A. McDonald, Mark Green, Edgar Martin; deputy police, G. F. Linkous, Gale Smith, David Effinger, Frank McCoy, Ralph Albert, Tom Simmons, Henry Winston, Frank Smith; messenger boys, Robert Tait, III, Bobby Chestnutt, Alfred Perdue, Jr., Bruce Price.

Section 3 --- Webster Richardson, senior warden; junior wardens, S. A. Wingard, Rev. E. D. Witherspoon, Warren Slusser, Houston Camper, Jr., C. E. Addy, Warren Carrol Mrs. Maude B. Cowan, Kib Wade, Jr.; fire watchers, Jack Barnwell, Nelson Cook, J. R. Carrol, C. E. Cook, George Mason, Sheffy Cromer, Robert Bingham, Rev. V. P. Bodein, George M. Price, Raymond Taylor; deputy police, Houston Camper, Kenneth Gray, Woodrow Alls; messenger boys, Beverely Jeffries, Sammy Wingard, Dickie Wingard, Tommy Rutledge, Joe Henderson; stretcher-bearers, Jeff Jefferies, Emba Noblin, Bill Cook.

Section 4 --- Joseph L. Page, senior warden; Melville Jeffries, assistant senior warden; junior wardens Charles T. Campbell, C. W. Potts, R. W. Fuqua, S. W. Bondurant (W. T. Powers, assistant), Edward L. Page, T. B. Hutcheson (T. B. Hutcheson, Jr. , assistant), A. G. Smith (Willard Brown, assistant), H. B. Riffenburg (Ralph Riffenburg, assistant), Miss. Eleanor Wall, Bobby Price, Jim Carrick; fire watchers, Henry Groseclose, Jr., Harold Battelene, Tom Groseclose, Tom Tate, Jim Carruck; deputy police, Frank Miller, W. T. Altman, Andy Robeson, R V. Wheeler, Leroy Lucas, Edward Stowers; messenger boys, Donald Battelene, Jack Albert, Kenneth Johnson, Curtis Payne, Ed Ellison, Billy Harmon.

Section 5 --- P. B. Potter, senior warden; junior wardens, R. L. Bryant, Mason Heavener, H. H. Hill, B. O. Miller, C. E. Heavener, P. B. Dyck, A. L. Grizzard, J. A. Addlestone, Mrs. W. E. Garnett, woman warden at large; fire watchers, S. D. Tilson, J. A. Waller, F. W. HofMann, R. C. Heavener, H. A. Clingenpeel, J. H. Mahaney, S. H. Bryne, F. S. Orcutt, H. L. Moore, H. W. Sanders: deputy police, H. M. Love, G. C. Herring, L. C. Beamer, L. B. Dietrick; messenger boys, Harold Birchfield, Noble Lee Moore, Jimmie Kitts, Billy Blair, Sumner Tilson, Jr.

This list is subject to change and correction. Boy scouts who have had first aid training will be in charge of stretcher-bearer squads. In some cases the names of these squads do not appear and should be added when that information is available.

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