1558 Register in County for Draft

Number Exceeds Estimates as VPI Students Furnish Over Half of Total

Montgomery News Messenger
July 8, 1942

A total of 1558 young men of 18 and 19 year age group registered in Montgomery County under a call of the National Selective Service board last week, according to report, issued by the county selective service board.

This figure exceeded previous estimates by nearly 800 because of the existence of summer school at VPI. The college furnished over half of the registrants.

The registration by precincts in the county was as follows: Christiansburg 289; Blacksburg 235; VPI 886; Airport 63; Shawsville 58; Riner 27.

Of the total registering at VPI only ten listed themselves as being residents of the county.

The county's selective service quota for the month of July is 51, which is nearly double the usual quota for this county.

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