Forward March

The Virginia Tech, February 25, 1943
"America's Most Modern Collegiate Newspaper

Within the next forty-eight hours, the bulk of the junior and senior classes and a large representation of the sophomores and freshman classes will leave Tech to return- perhaps never. We have all been called to help out in doing this job- a job which must be done well so that all mankind may once more enjoy the blessings of peace and freedom. They will not be by any means the first Techmen to toss their lot into the life and death struggle which now engulfs the world, for well over 2,500 of our brothers are doing and dying for a cause which they, and all of us, think is a most worthy one. Our coming will swell to 3,500 the ranks of VPI men fighting for Uncle Sam and the Four Freedoms.

It is not without certain pangs of regret that we say good-by[e] to our friends, our teachers, and the many pleasant memories that we will leave behind. There have been many times when the going has been anything but smooth; and we have often told ourselves, and others, how glad we would be to leave VPI behind us on life's trail- along with the many hard problems that we have had to face while under her influence. But now we see that life at Tech has been something more than cramming for tests and exams, living under a strict military system, and batting our heads against a wall of almost unconquerable obstacles.

But enough of the looking backward- our duty now is to look ahead to the new task that confronts us. Peace and freedom are precious possessions that must be paid for periodically in installments of blood, suffering and tears. One of the installments is now due, and it is we who must help make the payment. We are not asking for sympathy, for we are not the first to have to protect our precious possessions against foreclosure. On the contrary, we feel that it is distinct privilege to be allowed to do our bit. Too long have we been waiting to be called while being subjected to an uneasy awareness that many about us thought we were "slackers." Yes, we are all ready for our new job, and we promise that we will do it well.

Forward, march!


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