What is the origin of the name 'Blacksburg?'

L.W., Blacksburg

To find this answer we went to Town Manager Cook, who in turn referred us to Professor Leland Tate. Professor Tate is a retired instructor at Virginia Tech who now spends much of his time researching local history. In his research he came upon the name of William Black as the donator of the original land to make up the town. He also found a petition signed by Black and addressed to the General Assembly requesting the establishment of a town at a spot along Stroubles Creek. The petition was dated 1797.

The petition states: "Your petitioner, having a piece of ground in a healthy climate, with excellent springs thereon, and well situated for a small town, did at the request of a number of his friends and neighbors, lay off thirty-eight acres...And your said petitioner has been advised to solicit your Honorable body to establish by law a town on said place."

Tate went on to say that Black's petition was granted in 1798, but that for some unknown reason Black himself left the area to settle in what is now Indiana.

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Last updated October 28, 1997