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Blacksburg Bicentennial

Newspaper Articles

These are various newspaper articles relating to the town and its history. They are listed in chronological order:

Origins of the Name
A short newspaper article describing the origins of the town's name
Old Laws of Blacksburg
A newspaper article that discusses some of the laws of the town from the mid-1870s. RoanokeTimes and World News, November 19, 1980, NRV, 3
Situation in 1896
An introduction to the town for incoming VPI students, printed in the Blacksburg Post
Montgomery--Blacksburg: A Lecture Delivered by Prof. Conrad
An article by Thomas N. Conrad (V.A.M.C. president 1882-1886) from the Blacksburg Post, December 10, 1896
In Old Blacksburg (1916)
An article in the Blacksburg Home News, September 9, 1916, by Dr. W. Conway, describing the state of the town
Blacksburg Is Booming: Has Citizenry 1110
October 16, 1924 Virginia Tech article finds prosperity in Blacksburg
Blacksburg in 1931
A newspaper article from the Montgomery News Messenger, January 6, 1932, discussing the town and it progress
Blacksburg Weathers Depression
Record of progress in the town by Rebecca Price in 1932, as reprinted in the News Messenger Bicentennial Edition, July 1, 1976
Early Blacksburg (1932)
Letter in the April 20 Montgomery News Messengerby P. E. Goodrich about the town spring
Map of Blacksburg Defense Zones
Map of defense zones and list of volunteers from the March 1942 Montgomery News Messenger
1558 Register in County for Draft
The July 8, 1942 Montgomery News Messenger reports that the number of young men registering exceeds estimates
Cannon Won by Techmen to Go to Scrap Drive
Article in October 22, 1942 Virginia Tech reports that Corps cannons launch scrap drive
Blacksbgurg to Get Additional Air Raid Siren
A short item from the December 12, 1942 Roanoke Times
Blacksburg Baptists Dedicate New Edifice (1943)
A newspaper article describing the dedication of the First Baptist community's church
New VPF Company Forming at Blacksburg
Article in the February 10, 1943 Danville Register about the new Blacksburg company for the Virginia Protective Force
Techman Are Ready
V. P. I. President Julian Burruss comments on the large numbers of sudents joining the United States Army in the February 25, 1943 Virginia Tech
Forward March
Article from the February 25, 1943 Virginia Tech about Techmen going to war
Stores Will Close, Freeing Manpower
Short article in the April 28, 1943 Montgomery News Messernger indicates stores will close early on Wednesday to cooperate with Victory Garden program
Notes on Blacksburg (1944)
A short article by Goodridge Wilson from the Roanoke Times, describing some of Blacksburg's early history
Talk to High School Students in 1944 Tells Blacksburg History
Notes for a talk given by Miss Mary Apperson at Blacksburg High School in 1944 as reprinted in the News Messenger Bicentennial Edition, July 1, 1976
Blacksburg Water Supply Hearing Slated Sept. 1
Article in the August 20, 1954 Roanoke Times about proposal for New River source
Town of Blacksburg, VPI Approve Water Authority
Article in the September 2, 1954 Roanoke Times about the creation of the water authority
VPI Visitors OK Entry of Christiansburg into Proposed Joint Water Authority
Approval to amending the charter of the Blacksburg-Virginia Tech Water Authority to include Christiansburg was voted by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors after a public hearing Tuesday afternoon in Blacksburg. February 1955
Interesting Facts About Blacksburg (1957)
A newspaper article about the geography of Blacksburg from the March 21, 1957 Montgomery News Messenger
W. K. Bell's Father Had Several Thrilling War Experiences with Blacksburg Company of the Battle at Chambersburg
W. K. Bell's May 30, 1957 article in the Montgomery News Messenger about the Blacksburg volunteer company
Blacksburg Was Established Back in 1798 When William Black Deeded Land to Town
Article by Mrs. W. D. Altman from the May 30, 1957 Montgomery News Messenger
Jr. Women Form to Do Something Worthwhile (1969)
From the Centennial edition of the Montgomery News Messenger, an article about the Junior Women's Club in Blacksburg
Blacksburg Was Incorporated Year Before Virginia Tech Opened Doors
Article by Mrs. W. D. Altman from the July 1, 1976 News Messenger Bicentennial Edition
When Motorcycles and Cars Came to Blacksburg
Excerpt from Ellison Smyth's Retrospect (Pocahontas Press) printed in the February 14, 1993 Roanoke Times & World-News

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