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Blacksburg Bicentennial


These are various documents relating to the town and its history. Many are by residents; some appeared in various regional newspapers. They are listed in chronological order:

Origins of the Name
A short newspaper article describing the origins of the town's name
The Laying Out of Blacksburg
A desription of the original laying out of the town, by Daniel Pezzoni
Old Laws of Blacksburg
A newspaper article that discusses some of the laws of the town from the mid-1870s
Situation in 1896
An introduction to the town for incoming VPI students, printed in the Blacksburg Post
In Old Blacksburg (1916)
An article in the Blacksburg Home News, September 9, 1916, by Dr. W. Conway, describing the state of the town
L.B. Dietrick's Blacksburg and VPI
A lengthy recollection of Blacksburg from the 1920s to the 1940s by L.B. Dietrick, son of the Dean of the Horticulture Department from that era
Blacksburg in 1931
A newspaper article from the Montgomery News Messenger, January 6, 1932, discussing the town and its progress
Early Blacksburg (1932)
Letter in the Montgomery News Messenger dealing with some early Blacksburg information
A History of Blacksburg by Mrs. Wingard (1939)
A recollection of the town and its history by Mrs. Wingard
Blacksburg Baptists Dedicate New Edifice (1943)
A newspaper article describing the dedication of the First Baptist community's church
Notes on Blacksburg (1944)
A short article, by Goodridge Wilson, that appeared in the Roanoke Times, describing some of Blacksburg's early history
Facts about the Blacksburg Community (1946)
A compilation of various facts and bits of information about the town by Leland B. Tate
A Short History of Blacksburg and the Surrounding Area (1953)
A recollection of the town and its history by R.D. Michael
Church Trends, Conditions, and Related Questions (1953?)
A pamphlet produced by the Blacksburg Ministerial Association, describing the churches in Blacksburg from 1934-1953
Interesting Facts About Blacksburg (1957)
A newspaper article from the Montgomery News Messenger
Data About the Town of Blacksburg (1966)
Information about the town, in 1966, prepared by the Chamber of Commerce
Jr. Women Form to Do Something Worthwhile (1969)
From the Centennial edition of the Montgomery News Messenger, an article about the Junior Women's Club in Blacksburg
Nostalgia by K. Furr (1996)
Reminscence by K. Furr about life in Blacksburg during the 1960s

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