Virginia Tech Special Collections

Alumni Gates

Entrance to Campus of V. P. I. at Blacksburg, Virginia

Oil painting by Chester Leich, 1931.
Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 inches

Notes from the back of the painting: The painting was presented to the V. P. I. Library by Mrs. A. Warren Miller (Grace Townley Miller). Mrs. Miller's sister, Jean Townley Leich (Mrs. Charles Leich), in letter to the librarian, states that Mr. Leich made the sketch while seated in their Ford (shown) while she was grocery shopping. The painting was later made in his studio.

The painting shows the Alumni Gates, Preacher Keith driving by the stop light, Old Man Hinkle selling Literary Digests ("Litters") on the Plank and Whitsett Corner, the green Grissom bootlegging car by curb, Ethel and Nettie Ashworth crossing street, and Preston Moore with his bat on sidewalk.

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