Religious congregations in the district saw renewed architectural activity during the period. The Blacksburg Methodist Church added a new sanctuary and education wing in the 1960s, preserving the old building for use as a fellowship hall. The Presbyterian congregation moved entirely out of the downtown area to a new site in the 1950s, as did the Blacksburg Christian Church in the 1970s. The St. Mary's Catholic Parish built a blandly Gothic-style granite-faced church with an integral rectory on the corner of Wilson Avenue and Progress Street in 1948, but the parish left the building in the late 1970s for a new structure outside the district, although the church has been adapted for use by an Anglican parish. Only those churches able to acquire large parking areas, like the Methodist congregation, tended to stay in the historic district, although Christ Church and St Paul's A.M.E. Church are exceptions to that rule.

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