Montgomery News Messenger, January 27, 1949

Boys Do Police Work

In November 1941 under the direction of Chief of Police D. M. Sumner, the Boys' Police Force was organized with 18 boys of the high school as members. These boys were selected by the school's former principal, Dr. C. H. Phippins, with careful consideration.

The purposes for forming a police patrol in the public schools were to direct traffic for the school, assist at public gatherings on the school grounds and to serve as junior police in the school.

Bobby Price was elected chief of the group with Jimmy Carrik sergeant, Jimmy Hopper sergeant, with Charlie McNeil, Travis Vaught Jimmy Grey, Ed Page, Tom Tate, Tom Groseclose, Henry Groseclose, Bill Martin, Harry Martin, Harold Battalene, Dick Hummell, Charles Watson, Buford Blair, George Hawkins, and Tom Hoy as assistants.

After classes taught by Chief of Police Sumner in traffic handling and general duties and the boys were presented with badges given by the merchants of Blacksburg. Shortly after the police force was organized the boys recovered over $150.00 of stolen property and solved three robbery cases, one resulting in a federal charge.

Through the functioning of this force, the boys have been commended on their alertness by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The town police force has also received recognition for training and assisting this organization.

Jimmy Carrick and Travis Vaught, former police, are now in the armed services. Upon graduation the vacancies are replaced by other boys selected by the school principal. Father Maramba has been chosen as their sponsor.

The present force serves as messengers to the staff of the control room in the Civilian Defense organization.