Culinary History Collection


Current Editor: Cynthia D. Bertelsen

Issue 6 Summer 2004

Book Review: The Best Recipe

by the editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Boston Common Press, 1999.

reviewed by Mary Rapoport

Cook's Illustrated Magazine can be considered "America's Test Kitchen", and is known for its dedication to finding the best methods of American home cooking. Countless versions of all your favorite recipes are tested and The Best Recipe is a collection of the editors' picks from the pages of Cook's Illustrated. The recipes include in-depth descriptions of how the "best" recipe was developed and why it was chosen to be the "best". More than 200 illustrations demonstrating the most efficient food preparation methods are included. This is a "must-have" cookbook not only for beginning cooks, but also for those who love to cook and the personal libraries of food educators and food writers.

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