Cook Books

Book Cooks - Literature based classroom cooking, by Janet Bruno (Creative Teaching, Press Inc. 1991)
-- 35 recipes for favorite Books - grades k-3.

Children's Step-by-Step Cook Book, by Angela Wilkes (Dorling Kindersly, 1994)
-- teaches skills in the kitchen with step-by-step color photography.

Connecticut Cooks for Kids, by  EL Shanley, CA Thompson,  & SA Fiore (Connecticut Nutrition Education, 1996)
-- beverages, soups, stews, entrees, bread, vegetables.

Cool Cooking for Kids - Recipes and Nutrition for Preschoolers, by  Pat McClenahan and Ida Jaqua  (Fearon Teacher Aids, 1976)
-- recipes for preschoolers that do and do not use heat.

Food, Family, and Fun, by USDA - Food Consumer Service (Government Printing Office, 1996)
-- FNS Team Nutrition program support low-fat recipes.

From Soup To Nuts, by Gloria Rothstein (Scholastic, 1994)
-- books to read and recipes to make soups, bread, rice, potatoes, pancakes, beans, eggs, nuts.

Hands On - Cooking Projects for Children & Parents, by ML Cook; RK Moore, and AD Fly
-- tips for healthy eating; breads and grains; appetizers, main dishes, snacks and beverages, enjoying meals together.

Honest Pretzels, by Molly Katzen, 1999)
-- step by step instructions for a variety of recipes for 8 years olds and above

Kids Cook! - Fabulous Food for the Whole Family, by Sarah Williamson and Zachary Williamson (Williamson Publishing, VT  1992)
-- breakfast, lunch, salads, snacks, soda fountain treats, dinners, desserts.

Kids' First Cookbook, by American Cancer Society, 2000)
-- delicious-nutrtious treats for kids to create

Let's Party - Party Ideas for School and Home, by  WV Dept Ed (1900 Kanawha Blvd. E, Charleston WV 25303-0330,  1993)
-- healthy eating can be fun with nutritious party themes.

The Foods I Eat...  The Food You Eat, by  Roberta Dyuff (Many Hands Media, 1996)
-- multicultural nutrition guide for early childhood settings - includes lessons and recipe cards.

The Kids Multicultural Cookbook - Food & Fun Around the World, by Deanna Cook (Williamson Publishing Co., Charlotte, Vermont, 1995)
-- recipes around the world; before you start rules about food and kitchen safety; learn languages at the same time.

The Lunch Bunch - Kids' Kitchen, by Gina Steer (A Quintet Book, 1995)
-- learn safe techniques for healthy and delicious food.

The (No Leftovers!) Child Care Cookbook, by Jac Lynn Dunkle and Martha Edwards
-- over 80 kid-tested recipes and menu for centers & home-based programs to meet CACFP guidelines.

Silly Snacks, edited by Jennifer Dorland Darling (Meredith Corporation, Better Homes and Gardens Books, 1998 )
-- chapters range from Super Simple Snacks to Celebrate the Seasons. 

Standardized Ethnic Recipes for Child-care Centers and Family Day Homes, by Texas Nutrition Education and Training (Nutrition Ed. & Training Program, 1995)
-- main dishes - Mexican, Oriental, Italian, US, Cajun, Polynesian, Hungarian, East Indian, Greek

Wond'rous Fare - A Classic Children's Cookbook,  by Lynn Stallworth  (A Calico Book, 1988)
-- Jack's Beanstalk, Calabashes of Poe-Poe, Fruit Salad by Aladdin and other selections.

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