Bread - Cereal - Rice - Pasta

Bread, Bread, Bread, by Ann Morris (Lothrop, Ltd & Shepherd, 1989)
--photographs of breads around the world.

Bread Is For Eating, by David and Phyllis Gershator (Henry Holt & Co., 1995)
--a Spanish story about making bread.

Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months, by Maurice Sendak (Scholastic, 1968)
--rhymes and use of rice through calendar.

Corn is Maize - The Gift of Indians, by Aliki (Thomas Crowell Co., 1976)
--the discovery of corn by the Indians and use throughout the world.

Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti, by Anna G. Hines (Clarion Books, 1986)
--Daddy helps in the home.

Dumpling Soup, by Jama K. Rattigan (Little, Brown & Co., 1993)
--Korean celebration.

Hold the Anchovies! A Book About Pizza, by Shelley Rotner and Julia P. Hellums (Orchard Books, 1996)
--pizza ingredients

Everybody Cooks Rice, by Norah Dooley (Carolrhoda Books, 1991)
--meet a variety of cultural rice dishes.

Good Morning, Let's Eat!, by Karin Luisa Badt (Children's Press, 1994)
--look at many different breakfasts.

Journey Cake, Ho!, by Ruth Sawyer (Picture Puffin, 1972 - Caldecott Honor Book)
--Journey Cake leads Johnny a merry chase.

More Spaghetti, I Say!, by Rita G Gelman (Scholastic, 1977)

Noodles, by Sarah Weeks and David A. Carter (A Laura Geringer Book - Harper Festival, 1996)
--watch the many noodle shapes pop up

One Grain of Rice - A Mathematical Folktale, by Demi (Scholastic Press, 1997)
--a reward of one grain of rice doubles day by day into millions of grains.

Pancakes, by Eric Carle (First Pinwheel, 1975)
--foods to make pancakes.

Pancakes, Crackers & Pizza, by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler (Children's Press, 1987)
--shapes of things Eddie loves to eat.

Pancakes for Breakfast, by Tomie dePaola (Voyager Books, 1978)
--a little old lady get ingredients to make pancakes.

Pass the Bread - A World of Difference, by Karin Luisa Badt (Children' s Press, 1995)
--learn about bread of many cultures.

Pizza Party, by Grace Maccarone (Scholastic, 1994)
--making pizza with various ingredients.

Popcorn Book, by Tomie dePaola (Holiday House, 1978)
--learn about popcorn.

Sandwiches, by Roberta Duyff (Many Hands Media, 1996)
--learn many kinds of sandwiches around the world.

The Bread that Grew, by Roberta Duyff (Milliken, 1987)
--what happens with yeast.

The Cheerios Counting Book, by Barbara McGrath (Scholastic, 1998)
--learn numbers and groupings.

The Little Red Hen, by Galdone (Scholastic)
--making bread.

The Pizza Pals, by Lisa Marsoli and Tish Rabe (Wishing Wells Books, 1996)
--6 pizza slice story books - shapes, numbers, colors.

The Tortilla Factory, by Gary Paulsen (Voyager Books, 1995)
--planting corn , making tortillas at the factory, cooking them at home.

Too Many Tamales, by Gary Soto (A PaperStar book, PUtnam & Grosset Group)
-The family makes tamales at Christmas.

Tony's Bread, by Tomie dePaola (PaperStar, 1989)
--an Italian folktale.

Walter the Baker, by Eric Carle (Simon & Schuster, 1972)
--the baker invents a tasty roll for the duke.

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