Food Safety

All About The Weather, by J. DeSaulles and H. Songhurst (Zigzag Publishing, 1997)
--learn about rain , the weather.

Baby Battles, by Rita Golden Gelman

Bugs, by David Greenberg (Little Brown & Co., 1997)
--finding bugs.

Creepy Crawlies, by Dugald Steer (Little Simon, 1996)
--holograms bring insects, spiders, and mollusks to life.

Cockroach, by Stella Wiseman (Little Simon, 1996)
--where cockroaches live and eat.

Germs, Germs, Germs, by Bobbi Katz (Scholastic, 1996)

Germs Make Me Sick, by Melvin Berger (Harper Trophy, 1985)
--how you feel when sick; and how germs make you sick.

Home, by Cynthia Klingel (Creative Ed., 1986)
--safety rules for the kitchen, bathroom and garage.

If You Were A Bug, by Dawn Bentley (Intervisual Books, Inc., 1996)
--a foldout book - fly, spider, grasshopper, ant, dragonfly.

Keeping Clean A Very Peculiar History, by Daisy Kerr (A Franklin Watts Book, 1995)
--use of water through history.

Old Black Fly, by Jim Aylesworth (Henry Holt & Co, 1992)
--food safety - an alphabet book.

Sam's Sandwich, by D. Pellham (Dutton Children's Books)
--foods in a sandwich and unsafe things.

The 512 Ants on Sullivan St., by Carol A. Losi (Scholastic, 1997)
--ants at a picnic.

Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but... Invisible Germs, by Judith Rice (Redleaf Press, 1989)

Who Keeps the Water Clean?, by Jill D. Duvall (Children's Press, 1997)
--activities of a sewage disposal plant to keep the water clean and safe.

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