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Nourishing Children With Books

Identifying Tropical Fruit

VCE Food and Nutrition Newlsletter

Kids, Food, & Television

ABC's of Feeding Preschoolers

Developmentally Appropriate Food and Nutrition Skills for Young Children

Germ Squirm; Kids and Safe Food Handling

Health Wealth Kids, Nutrients and Health

Hurts and Hazards; Kids, Kitchen Accidents, and Safety

Kids Cart Smart Food Choices; At Home, Shopping, and Eating Out

Preschoolers' Food Handling Skills--Motor Development

Kids, Food and Money

Homemade Baby Food

Calcium Check List -- Food Guide Pyramid

Food Cents

Planning Carried Meals



Food Guide Pyramid Quiz for Children:

Nutritional Analyses Sites

USDA Nutrient Database - calories and nutrients in your favorite foods

Dietary Analysis Program (DAP) for IBM compatiable. up to 3-day intake analysis for 27 nutrients & food components and a data base of approximately 850 foods. The printout includes reported foods and quantities, percent of user's RDA's for 15 nutrients and total amount of calories, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, dietary fiber, etc.

The Nutrition Analysis Tool (NAT) a web based analysis program provided by Univ. of Illinois Urbana/Champaign. (also see Univ of Minn address:

Berkeley Nutrition Services

-Fat Screener Berkeley

-NWLRC Fat Intake Scale (NorthWest Lipid Research Center)

Fast Food Fast Facts - Enter the criteria. To find items at all restaurants that have less than ten g of fat, enter 10 in the Maximum Fat field; leave all other fields empty. For fish sandwiches, type fish in the item field. To find all burgers with < 15 g of fat, type burger in the item field and enter 15 in the Maximum Fat field. To display everything in the food finder, don't enter anything in any field.


WhyMilk Personal Trainer Dietary and calcium intake assessment:

Glycemic Index

Sugar content of breakfast cereals

Recommended Dietary Allowances from NAS

NLEA label definitions of terms like light and low fat.

Nutrition, dietetic and food science departments with a comprehensive catalogue of nutrition training by region of the world and then by country by clicking on a map!!


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