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The original National Bank of Blacksburg building in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia is an art deco inspired building that is considered one of the finest period structures in Blacksburg. The building at 101 North Main Street was designed by the firm of Smithey & Boynton, Architects and Engineers, of Roanoke. The building was completed in 1941, and the National Bank of Blacksburg moved into the building in 1942. The building currently is owned by HCMF.

Drawings for the National Bank of Blacksburg
The fourteen original drawings for the National Bank of Blacksburg were completed by Smithey & Boynton in June 18, 1941. These architectural drawings are part of the Smithey & Boynton Records (Ms 92-027) housed in the Special Collections Department of the University Libraries. Smithey & Boynton designed many residences, churches, businesses and schools and community buildings in Roanoke and the Southwest Virginia area. Louis Philipe Smithey also was the designer of the Lyric Theatre which opened on April 14, 1930. Both Smithey and Henry B. Boynton were alumni of Virginia Tech.

Senior Studio Project for Near Environments
For the fall 2000 semester, Professors Eric Wiedegreen and Bob Parsons designed a Senior Studio Project for Near Environments Interior Design (NEID 4124) involving the renovation of the interior space of the Bank building into a multi-use facility for the downtown Merchants of Blacksburg. Students had the option of defining the client and use for their individual projects. Students were teamed with virtual mentors who are practicing interior design professionals and alumni of the Virginia Tech Interior Design program. Students posted all aspects of their work to their personal web pages, and these pages were then critiqued by the mentor (as well as the professor.) The personal web sites thus contain the entire process for the project.

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