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Brush Mountain Oral History Project

The goal of the Brush Mountain Oral History Project was to collect oral history narratives from residents of the Appalachian communities of Wake Forest, McCoy, and Long Shop. The interviews, conducted in 2004-2005, explored the interviewees' sense of place and community and strove to learn how memory and place informed their sense of identity. The interviews sought to discover what role the former plantation, Kentland at Whitethorne, played in the lives of the interviewees. The project was a collaboration between the University Libraries, the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, and the History Department of Virginia Tech. It was funded with a grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Sam Cook and Tamara Kennelly were co-principal investigators. Susan Fleming Cook conducted most of the oral history interviews.


Dolly Dillon
Esley Dillon
Mrs. Croy
Willie White and Bessie White
Rev. Jimmie Price
Mrs. Hoy
Terry Albert
Catherine Surface
Mrs. Albert
Mr. E. O. Sheppard
Jessie and Butch Eaves
Dr. T. Kent Adams
T. K. Adams

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