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Actual Mars:

Life on Mars?
NASA site devoted to examining the "evidence that strongly suggests primitive life may have existed on Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago."
Is There Life On Mars?
Internet resource created to help answer "some basic questions about Mars and its meteorites and to encourage further questions, discussions, and research on such a vital topic."
United Nations Outer Space Treaty
"Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space,including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies." The Outer Space Treaty, in effect since 1967, provides the basic framework on international space law.
Twentieth Anniversary of Viking Mission to Mars
The twentieth of July 1996 marks the twentieth anniversary of Viking 1's touch down on Mars after a voyage of nearly one year, followed within two months by Viking 2.
Images of Mars
Selection of views of Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Earth Invades Mars
A page about current and upcoming Mars missions.
Devoted to linking amateur and professional Mars observing communities for observational support of the Mars Pathfinder mission.
Whole Mars Catalog
Reports frequent updates of breaking news about Mars.
Daily Martian Weather Report
Internet site concerning Martian weather, climatology, and the Mars Global Surveyor Project.

Speculative Mars:

Planetary Mysteries: Mars
Martian mysteries examined from many different perspectives.
Mars in the Mind of Earth
Ongoing Bibliographies of Terran Literature concerning Mars.
Planet Mars in Popular Culture
"Historically, Mars was thought to be the most likely of the planets to harbor life. Popular culture in the form of literature, and then later radio and film, reflected such beliefs."
"Mars Interactive Science Fiction Fantasy Episodes: Six AI spider robots became orphan on Mars. They need you."
FACE(ing) Mars. Whither the Cydonians now?
Roger Keeling & Randolfo Pozos PhD of The U.S Mars Project interviewed about the Cydonian anomolies: the Face of Mars.
William J. Heron Collection of Speculative Fiction
The William J. Heron Speculative Fiction Collection contains approximately 16,000 American, British, and Australian books and magazines from the 1920s to the1980s relating to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
IAFA: International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts
Organization for the scholarly study of the fantastic in music, literature, and all other art forms.
VTSF: Virginia Tech On-Line Speculative Fiction Project
Scholarly efforts to capture and preserve the text and graphics from works of speculative fiction.

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