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November 4, 1987



                           Building Committee

               Fifth Floor Conference Room, Burruss Hall

                            November 4, 1987

                               3:30 p.m.


  PRESENT:    Dr. Van Dresser (Chairman), S. Hall, W. Kark, R. Minish for

              J. Ritchey, D. Ludwig, P. Eyre, S. Sullivan, D. Ford,

              J. Perry (part-time), D. Hanna for C. Steger,

              J. McLain-Kark, W. Dugger, M. Schlegel, K. Baker (staff),

              D. Eaton (staff)


  ABSENT:     K. Gorur


  VISITOR(S): K. Sutton


  1.  Announcements


      Dr. Van Dresser opened the meeting by introducing members of the

      Committee for the benefit of new members.


      Dr. Van Dresser reported that the annual report of the Building

      Committee was submitted to the University Council.


  2.  Review and approval of previous meeting minutes


      W. Dugger moved, and D. Ludwig seconded, approval of the minutes

      of the June 3, 1987 meeting.  Motion carried.


  3.  Capital Outlay Status Report (copy attached)


      K. Baker reported that the Capital Outlay Status Report is sent

      to the Governor's office every six months.


      Forest Products Construction is complete, with the only diffi-

      culties being in getting final punch list finished.  The Univer-

      sity has not made final payment to contractor as of this date.


      Winchester Pesticide Lab - Construction has been delayed due to

      weather conditions.  Completion date is delayed six months.


      Maintenance Reserve - This project is handled by Physical Plant.

      This project is in the capital budget and automatically is Pri-

      ority 1 by the State.  The purpose of maintenance reserve is to

      maintain the major items of physical facilities which require

      upkeep.  Each project requires approval by the State.


      Urban Pest Control Center - This project is located on Glade

      Road.  Completion date is December 1, 1987.


      Office and Conference Complex at Tidewater - Schedule has

      slipped because of a scope issue in State offices.  The Univer-

      sity is pursuing.


      Pilot Plant Building - This building, located on Plantation Road

      is under construction.  A minor contractual dispute between the

      University and the Contractor has not delayed completion at this



      The 208 handicapped projects are being handled inhouse as needs

      are identified.  The projects have been ongoing for several

      years.  Two projects are in process now - Cowgill Plaza and the

      handicapped elevator in Price Hall.


      College of Veterinary Medicine Phase IIIA & B - This project is

      almost complete, with the exception of work to be done in



      Coal Fired Facilities - This project has not been funded.  The

      University is requesting construction funds in this biennium.


      Undergraduate Housing and Special Purpose Housing - These

      projects are complete.  Completion reports are being finalized.


      Food Processing Project is behind schedule due to change orders.


      The President's House is in the Governor's office at this point.

      This project will be put in the current budget, which will go to

      General Assembly as a budget amendment.  The University antic-

      ipates approval.


      Equipment:  Telecommunications - This item is identified as a

      capital project but is being handled by the Vice President for



  4.  Capital Outlay Planning Status


      W. Kark reported that the Veterinary Medicine project is almost

      complete.  The top two floors of Business were recently occu-

      pied.  The classrooms were for the most part completed at the

      start of fall quarter.  The Contractor worked very closely with

      the University to get this ready.  This project will be complete

      by the end of the school year.


      The Chemistry project is on schedule.  Completion date is antic-

      ipated by early spring.


      The Whittemore Hall project is complete.  The Corporate Research

      Center contains approximately 120 acres and is owned by a

      Virginia Tech corporation.  There will be four buildings, two of

      which are under construction.  The Innovation Center building

      will be complete by January 1.  The Research II building, which

      is a 20,000 sq.ft. structure, will be complete about four weeks

      later.  The Virginia Tech Library System will occupy part of the

      first building.  Management Systems Lab will occupy about 75% of

      Research II.  The third building will be a general research lab

      building.  Lionberger Construction Company is the contractor,

      teamed with Architects Alliance.  The fourth building will be a

      49,000 sq.ft. computer facility, which will house all computing

      operations at Tech, as well as the Communications Network Sys-

      tem.  This facility is a design-build project and will be under

      construction in about two weeks.  The completion date of the In-

      formation Systems Lab is June 1989.


      Squires - In June, 1987, the architects informed the University

      that the project budget was on target.  Within six weeks there

      was a 4 million dollar problem.  The architects worked with the

      University in identifying alternatives.  No attempt has been

      made to change the quality of the finished project.  The Theatre

      portion of the project will be eliminated with the exception of

      performance spaces.  This, along with a budget increase, will

      allow the University to proceed with the project.


      The architects' rationale for this problem is that the project

      was so complex, that they did not discover many things about the

      cost associated with that complexity until the working drawing

      stage.  Another problem was the identification of code compli-

      ance issues.  The University raised the issue of cost regularly,

      but were given personal assurance by the President of the firm

      that the project was within budget.  At the end of schematics,

      an estimate was made to make sure that budgets were within

      scope.  At design development a similar process was undertaken.

      At this time, the University hired Jacobs, a professional cost

      estimator located in Richmond.  The cost estimator was working

      from the architects' drawings.  If there are questions, the es-

      timator addresses the architects.  Unfortunately, this estimator

      confirmed the original budget.


      The current schedule is to close the Center after the end of

      school.  The project is one year behind schedule.


      Mr. Kark explained the Student Services building to the Commit-

      tee.  This building will be located on Cowgill Plaza.  Plans

      were available for review of the Committee.  The top floor will

      be student lounge space.  The third floor is a bookstore satel-

      lite, which will sell office and architecture supplies.  This

      facility serves all users for this section of campus, a place to

      study, to get coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  The University

      anticipates this facility will be a 24-hour facility.  The stone

      facade will be a real asset to campus.  There will be an outdoor

      dining area raised from the Plaza.  This project is expected to

      be bid in four to six weeks.


      Architecture/Engineering Infill project - Bids were opened on

      October 7 for this project.  There were six bidders with a

      spread of 7%.  The low bid was in excess of the budget by ap-

      proximately $2.3m.  A decision has been made to rebid the Engi-

      neering portion of the building and the auditorium.  Any

      additional funds remaining will be used to address the serious

      environmental problems with Cowgill Hall.  Cowgill Hall was ori-

      ginally designed for 425 people and it now houses 875.  This

      project should be rebid in 30 days.


      Special Purpose Housing - This is a 7 million dollar project.

      Hanbury, Evans, Newill, Vlattas have been selected as the archi-

      tects.  It is anticipated that a year in design will be required

      and a year and one-half for construction.


      Vet Med - working on plans to complete.  Phase IV is being de-

      signed now.  This includes large animal facilities.  Funding is

      on hand for the design work.  Models were available for the Com-



  5.  Capital Outlay Requests

      Dr. Van Dresser reviewed the Capital Outlay Requests with the

      Committee.  (Copy of 208 and 230 Project Priority Lists at-

      tached.)  Maintenance Reserve is first priority.  Human Re-

      sources project is second.  The Coal Fired Facilities are at a

      point now where we are stretching our capacity.  Need more

      backup.  The Inter-disciplinary Technology Laboratory is new

      construction.  The Engineering/Arts and Sciences Infill is par-

      tially a renovation project.  The Education and General Blanket

      Authorization is for the academic side, for example, the work

      currently in process at Pamplin.  This request will help accom-

      plish those types of projects.  The Auxiliary Blanket Authori-

      zation is of the same type.  The Human Resources project

      contains a 550-seat auditorium.


      Dr. Van Dresser explained the process and procedures of capital

      outlay requests to the Committee.  Dr. Van Dresser explained the

      230 requests.  Two projects, Winchester Office & Laboratory

      Complex-Phase II and Middleburg Forage Research Station are off-

      campus.  The new construction at Winchester is intended to re-

      place the existing building.  Part of the Middleburg project was

      a gift by the Mellon Foundation.  We are requesting that the

      State provide matching funds.


      The Land and Facilities Master Plan and Site Infrastructure

      project is associated with the agriculture land that was ac-

      quired this past year.


      The Blanket Authorization/Interim - Research Facilities project

      is the same type as that submitted in the 208 Budget.  Projects

      such as Roto Dynamics will be included in this project.


      The 230 Maintenance Reserve is intended for roof projects, win-

      dows, ceilings, infrastructure, etc.


      Parking - The paving of the Whittemore lot is to start in the

      near future.  The demolition of the Lomascola House has not been

      approved as yet by the Governor's office.  When the Whittemore

      lot is complete, the portion of the commuter lot reserved for

      faculty-staff will be returned for commuter parking.  When the

      Chemistry project is complete there will be another 80 spaces in

      that area next spring.  An ad hoc committee for auxiliary park-

      ing has been formed on campus which includes members from the

      student government, graduate and undergraduate students, fac-

      ulty, Faculty Senate and Traffic Committee.  Carl McDaniels

      chairs this ad hoc committee.  Six Requests for Proposals were

      received for a parking consultant.  Kark explained that this

      parking auxiliary means parking fees of some sort.  Amenities

      will come with that.  The ad hoc committee will select a con-

      sultant in the near future, with the first study completed in

      about three months.  If one feels that his concerns are not be-

      ing met, a note should be sent to Dr. Van Dresser or Dr.



      The Building Committee members will be sent a copy of the report

      from the Parking Auxiliary.


      Copies of the Virginia Tech Master Plan were given to new mem-



  The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


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