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April 6, 1988



                         Building Committee

                Executive Conference Room - 4th Floor

                            Burruss Hall

                            April 6, 1988

                              3:30 p.m.


  PRESENT:   D. Ford (Chairman), W. Kark, J. McLain-Kark, D. Ludwig, G. Egger

             (for C. Steger), J. Ritchey, P. Eyre, J. Perry, W. Dugger, L. Cross

             (for S. Sullivan), S. Hall, M. Schlegel, K. Baker (staff),

             D. Eaton (staff)


  ABSENT:    K. Gorur


  1.  Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


      D. Ludwig moved and J. Ritchey seconded approval of the min-

      utes of the November 4, 1987 and February 12, 1988 meetings.

      Motion carried.


  2.  1988-90 Capital Outlay Requests


      Dr. Ford reported to the Committee that the University re-

      ceived funds for Maintenance Reserve in the current Session

      of the General Assembly for approximately $4.3 million.  The

      University received planning monies for the Human Resources

      Infill.  The total project included an auditorium, located

      between Davidson and Williams Hall; however, the amount re-

      ceived was for the Human Resources building only.  Funding

      was also received for the Coal Fired Facilities project.  For

      the Architecture/Engineeering Infill, the additional funds

      received was for planning for the renovation of HVAC systems

      of Cowgill Hall.  Additional funds were also received for the

      project which will relieve the University of a major portion

      of its internal financial commitment.  For the Research Divi-

      sion, the University received planning monies for Winchester

      Office and Laboratory Complex and funds for the Middleburg

      Forage Research Station.  Subcommittees of the Building Com-

      mittee for these projects will be established.  The Univer-

      sity also received funding for planning of the Whitethorne

      property, of which $50,000 is from general funds and $100,000

      from non-general.  This planning will include all facilities

      for the Agriculture College.


      The University received funding for three blanket authori-

      zations; one for research facilities, 460 Research Compound

      and renovation associated therewith; the Auxiliary Enter-

      prises Projects; and Education and General

      Renovation/Improvement Projects.  The blanket authorization

      for Research is $4 million, Auxiliary $4 million, and Educa-

      tion and General for $2 million.

      Revenue bond projects were approved for Electric Service,

      Dorm/Dining Major Renovation/Improvement, and additional

      funds for the Student Center project.


  3.  Capital Outlay Status Report


      K. Baker distributed the status report (copy attached) which

      was submitted to the Board of Visitors' Buildings and Grounds

      Committee meeting.


      Chemistry Infill


      Bids will be opened on the fume hoods on April 13.  The addi-

      tional fume hoods will be the last part of this project.

      Partial occupancy is expected sometime in June.  Occupancy is

      planned by the academic year with use of some of the facil-

      ity.  No major problems at this point.  It was announced that

      the atrium in the Chemistry building will be used for gradu-

      ation ceremonies for that department.  This project is 99.9%

      complete; the fume hoods are a second contract.


      Business Infill


      This project is on schedule for completion by August.  The

      new portion is complete and occupied.  Punchlist for the ren-

      ovation is tentatively set for August 23-24.


      Architecture/Engineering Infill


      Construction has started with the usual fallout of complaints

      concerning parking.


      Pesticide Lab at Winchester


      The roof problem is being corrected now.  Contractors are working.


      Urban Pest Control


      This building is occupied and is substantially complete.


      Pilot Plant Building


      This building is substantially complete.


      Food Processing and Storage Facility


      The University is experiencing some problems in the kitchen

      area resulting from code comments from the Health Department.

      Problems are being addressed.  The building is 85% occupied,

      and has been in use for several months.


      The Committee was informed that projects are kept on the Status

      Report until they are completed.  This report is provided

      to the Buildings and Grounds Committee for the Board of Visitors

      at their quarterly meeting.


  4.  Capital Outlay Planning Status


      W. Kark distributed capital projects information (copy at-

      tached) to the Committee.  The President's House project has

      received authorization.  The 1988-90 Session authorized addi-

      tional non-general funding in the amount of $110,000.  The

      Tidewater Office/Conference Complex plans are nearly com-

      plete.  The Whittemore/Stanger Parking project is planned for

      completion this summer.  The Architecture/Engineering Infill

      Phase I is under construction.  The Baseball Seating project

      is essentially complete.  The CRC Research I building is

      about 90% complete.  The Intramural Field Lights will be ini-

      tiated July 1.


      The University received the professional cost estimate from

      the estimator on Squires last week.  This project is on

      budget at this point in time.  A major workshop with the ar-

      chitects, the users, and the Facilities Planning staff has

      been scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday (April 9-10) to

      go over all final details.  The workshop will continue until

      all issues are resolved.  The Division of Engineering and

      Buildings will also meet with the architects the following week.


      The Committee was informed that Squires will be closed on the

      day of commencement.


      The Special Purpose Housing project will be reviewed by the

      Art and Architecture Review Board this Friday (April 8).

      This project is on schedule.


      The schematics for the Vet Med Phase IV Planning have been

      completed and are being reviewed in Richmond.  The Vet Med

      Classroom project and the Animal Isolation project are on

      hold, waiting for final budgeting issues to be settled.  A

      meeting is being scheduled with the Dean.  The University

      should break ground on the CRC Research II building at the

      end of this month.  The Information Systems building will

      also break ground this month and is on schedule.


      Mr. Kark briefly reviewed the status of other projects that

      are not active at this time.


      L. Cross raised the question of the status of the Intramural

      Field Lights project.  The University was directed that this

      project had to be approved by the Legislature.  Authorization

      will come forward July 1 under the blanket authorization.


  5.  Future Capital Outlay Needs


      Dr Ford reported on future capital outlay needs, which are

      those projects listed on page eight of the Capital Projects

      handout.  There may be other projects that will be added to

      that list.  Dr. Ford reported that he had met with Dr.

      Torgersen and Mr. Ridenour to discuss the short session.

      Plans to submit capital projects in the short session were

      discussed.  There have been no guidelines issued by the

      State.  The University may be able to get funding for these

      projects for which planning funds were appropriated.


      Dr. Ford was given the charge to work with Mr. Ridenour and

      Mr. Kark, with the hope of bringing criteria to the next

      Building Committee meeting.  The administration will be

      brought up-to-date with present or current guidelines so that

      the state guidelines on all academic space will be under-

      stood, and what action must be taken to set our priorities.

      Criteria for establishing priorities within the University

      were requested of the Committee.


      Through the ensuing discussion, the following items were sug-

      gested as criteria to be considered in setting priorities:


          Criteria for Identifying, Evaluating and Prioritizing

                         Capital Outlay Projects


      A.    Space Need Justification


            1.    Program viability and compatibility with

                  Dept./College/University mission

            2.    Adequacy of existing space (quality, quantity, location)

            3.    Projections and trends (crystal ball effects)

            4.    Evolving teaching and research methodologies


            5.    Changing technologies


      B.    Space Standards


            1.    SCHEV Guidelines

            2.    Peer institution statistics

            3.    Programmed space needs

            4.    Accreditation organization standards

            5.    Self-Study recommendations


      C.    Space Optimization Strategies


            1.    Development and implementation of Facilities Man-

                  agement Data Base and Methodology

            2.    Improvement of net to gross space ratios through

                  renovation (building efficiency)

            3.    Development of multi-

                  disciplinary/interdisciplinary space

            4.    Implementation of "University space" concepts

            5.    Implementation of "charging for space" concepts

            6.    Consolidation of departmental and/or college units


      D.    Funding Implications


            1.    State


                  a.    political climate

                  b.    resource availability

                  c.    funding priorities (renovation vs. new construction)

                  d.    funding appropriateness (instructional vs. research)


            2.    Local


                  a.    matching fund availability vs. project priority

                  b.    funding sources


                        1)    general funds

                        2)    public/private partnerships

                        3)    federal funds

                        4)    research overhead

                        5)    local funds

                        6)    private funds

                        7)    bonds

                        8)    private development


      E.    Construction Cost Management


            1)  Life cycle cost analysis


            2)  Value engineering


            3)  Design/build


            4)  Construction management


            5)  Change order management


      Dr. Ford informed the Committee of a new legislative bill

      that provides for local municipalities to cooperate with in-

      stitutions in floating municipal bonds to build buildings on

      university land and for the institution to pay back the debt

      service.  This may create a funding source but not money.

      Current lease funds may be a source that could be used for

      pay-back.  The administration will study proposals of this type.


  6.  Proposed Campus Art Committee


      Dr. Ford distributed a "draft for discussion," for a proposed

      Campus Art Committee, which is proposed as a subcommittee of

      the University Building Committee.


      After discussion, W. Dugger moved and J. Ritchey seconded the

      motion to approve the "Draft for Discussion for Campus Art

      Committee" document, with the inclusion of a member of the

      faculty from the Interior Design Department to the suggested

      membership.  Motion carried.


  W. Dugger moved and J. McLain-Kark seconded to adjourn the meeting.

  Motion carried.


  The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


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