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May 18, 1988


                              BUILDING COMMITTEE


                                 BURRUSS HALL

                           MAY 18, 1988 - 3:30 P.M.






  D. Ford (Chairman), W. Kark, J. McLain-Kark, D. Ludwig, J. Perry, W.

  Dugger, L. Cross (for S. Sullivan), S. Hall, K. Baker (staff), B. Crawford






  K. Gorur, M. Schlegel







      D. Ludwig asked for clarification of Item 2, "1988-90 Capital Outlay

      Requests", and Item 4, "Capital Outlay Planning Status", in the minutes

      of April 6, 1988.  In Item 2, it was stated that in the first para-

      graph, "Additional funds were also received for the project" referred

      to the Architecture Engineering Infill project.  In Item 4, paragraph

      two, it was clarified that the Division of Engineering & Buildings is a

      State office, not a University office.


      Motions were made and seconded to approve the minutes of April 6; mo-

      tion carried.




      K. Baker distributed the status report (copy attached) which was sub-

      mitted to the Board of Visitors' Buildings and Grounds Committee meet-

      ing for their May 23 meeting.


      It was stated that the Chemistry Hood project is an addition to the

      Chemistry project with a different contractor.  A "phased occupancy" is

      proposed for Chemistry, with "full occupancy" scheduled for around the

      first of the year.


      It was announced that the only other major construction bid that has

      been opened is for the Student Services project.  At this time, we are

      in a position to negotiate and the final bid will be within budget.  A

      contract should be initiated within the next few days.  The project

      should break ground within the next 45 days.  The Committee was in-

      formed that the "low bidder" for this project is the same contractor

      that is constructing the Arch/Engineering project.  The Student Ser-

      vices project is part of the overall Squires project.


      There was discussion regarding the Student Services project.  Warren

      Kark described the lower level as having 3 large classrooms seating 90,

      student lockers, and some of the service units.  The middle level has a

      food service area and lounge space.  The upper level has a student

      lounge and study space and also contains a satellite bookstore.  The

      $2.5 million building has an underground link to the lowest level of

      the Business atrium, as well as a link to Burruss.  It was noted that

      there would be no computer facilities available in the building at this




      Regarding the Squires project, Ken Baker stated that they are awaiting

      review documents from Richmond on the site work.  Construction should

      begin some time in July.




      Warren Kark announced that the Special Purpose Housing project is mov-

      ing along on schedule.  Final preliminary presentations on the project

      are due this week.


      He also announced that construction has begun in the old President's

      House.  Dr. Ford commented that the President candidates' wives have

      toured the House.


      It was noted that Physical Plant is performing most of the work.

      Spencer Hall stated that they are performing internal modifications to

      the heating and air conditioning systems, as well as rewiring and re-

      opening the fireplaces.  It is hoped that the interior work can be com-

      pleted by November 24.  Outside maintenance work performed by Physical

      Plant has been completed as a separate project.  It was noted that the

      external work has not been completely redesigned at this point.  Most

      of the work is being done by Physical Plant, but there is some outside



      The Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission has included the President's

      House on their Landmarks "list" and now exercises some authority in

      what modifications/renovations can be made.  The house was described as

      having 10,000 square feet with the President's "private suite" consist-

      ing of about 1300 square feet.





      Dr. Ford referred to a document which was assembled to summarize the

      process for establishing and prioritizing capital projects.  Besides

      having been reviewed by the Building Committee at a previous meeting,

      this list has been reviewed by the Facilities Discussion Group (a group

      of associate deans in each of the colleges who meet monthly).  The doc-

      ument has also been reviewed by the College Deans.  Suggestions and

      changes have been made by these various groups.  The Building Committee

      was asked for their final input and endorsement before presenting the

      list to the Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Visitors

      which meet on Monday, May 23.


      A question was raised about priority ranking or sub-ranking.  Dr. Perry

      commented that it was difficult to set priorities.  He commented that

      once all criteria are identified, it would be difficult to take it be-

      fore any group that was comprised of individuals who are involved in

      the outcome and hope to have a consensus.  Dr. Ford said a major objec-

      tive is compiling a list that identifies the overall planning concept

      of the mission of the University.  He commented that this document is

      not the "final" document, but it just a starting point.


      Dr. Perry said that the important thing is that groups such as the

      Building Committee recognize all of the factors that are taken into

      consideration and that the final decision comes from the President.


      Dr. Ludwig questioned Item III-F and asked if "Consolidation of Depart-

      mental and/or College Units" means "input" from departments and col-

      leges.  Dr. Ford replied that it raises the question of whether or not

      departments and/or colleges should be geographically consolidated.

      Kark commented that all of the factors on the list have influenced past

      decisions and at times some factors were more important than others.


      There was discussion regarding academic space/total space and the space

      deficit.  Warren commented that with the space deficits that Virginia

      Tech have, a "wrong type of" building can't be built.  He continued by

      saying that prioritizing space is a very complicated and very political

      situation, and that many times it is an exercise in frustration.


      Dr. Ford said he looks to the Building Committee to provide input as

      part of the governing structure.  He said that through present struc-

      turing, our "window" into the University Council is through the Execu-

      tive Vice President and Chief Business Officer.  Having a common set of

      criteria for everyone to look at is the reason for this document.


      Dr. Perry suggested said that one thing the Building Committee could

      address -- but not make a final decision on -- is to determine whether

      Virginia Tech is using its current space as well as it could because

      Tech does not automatically schedule classes past 5 o'clock.  (SCHEV

      says that classes are scheduled to 10 p.m.)  He said that if classrooms

      were scheduled as efficiently as they are now on an expanded daily cal-

      endar, it would give us space that could be converted to other uses.

      He further stated that not addressing this handicaps us when dealing

      with the State.


      Kark said, that in a way, Section III is directly involved with new

      buildings, and is really an issue of how to better utilize and manage

      existing space.  He said that discussions of these issues would be ap-

      propriate for the Building Committee.


      A motion was made by Dr. Ludwig to endorse the criteria with two mod-

      ifications:  Addition of F under Section I: Environmental Conditions.

      Addition of G under III:  Modify Operations/Class Schedules.  The mo-

      tion was seconded and carried.


      The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


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