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December 5, 1989


                              Building Committee

                            President's Board Room

                         December 5, 1989 - 3:30 p.m.


  PRESENT:  D. Ford (Chairman), W. Kark, Pat Hyer for F. Carlisle, J.

            Ritchey, L. Cross, D. Kingston, C. Steger, A. Swiger for J.

            Nichols, S. Hall, K. Gray, K. Baker (staff), D. Eaton (staff)


  ABSENT:   W. Dugger, J. McLain-Kark, J. Cummins, Jr.


  GUEST:    M. Harness






      D. Kingston moved and J. Ritchey seconded approval of the agenda for

      the meeting.  Motion carried.




      D. Kingston moved to approve the minutes of the September 1, 1989 meet-

      ing of the Committee.  J. Ritchey seconded.  Motion carried.




      K. Baker reported on the status of current projects.


      The low bid for the Veterinary Medicine Phase IVa (Animal Isolation

      Unit) project was acceptable and within budget.


      The Veterinary Medicine Phase IVb bid was slightly over-bid. After ne-

      gotiation regarding non-program type items, the bid was reduced within



      The Human Resources project was bid on November 14.  This bid was re-

      ceived under budget.  The project cost is $7.6m.  The bid was $6,150.

      Funds were removed from the contract for asbestos, which will be listed

      as a separate item in construction cost.  The low bidder was Avis Con-

      struction in Roanoke.


      Regarding the capital projects cut, none of the projects covered in the

      Lottery Bill will be affected.  The Coal Fired Boiler project may be

      affected.  Middleburg has funds that the University can use for plan-

      ning.  There is a possibility of "tapping" into reserve maintenance.

      The Price Hall Elevator project will be affected.


      The University is requesting increased authorization to cover cost of

      asbestos abatement for the Squires project.  This project may involve



      Regarding the Student Services project, the University is requesting

      authorization of $750,000 to cover cost associated with the architect's

      abandonment and with designers that were present. The issue is in the

      hands of the legal counsel.  The project is six months behind schedule.


      Dr. Ford stated that there will be litigation regarding Squires and

      Student Services.  The University can deal with Student Services, how-

      ever, Squires is a different issue.  That issue will be dealt with



      D. Kingston questioned the removal of equipment items that were on the

      original plan of the Chemistry project.  The Committee was informed

      that some of these items, such as sterilizers, could be handled through

      the equipment trust fund.




      The Committee was informed of discussions with the Town of Blacksburg

      regarding a proposed roadway crossing University property, connecting

      East and West of Blacksburg.  A proposal was submitted by Snyder Hunt.

      Approval of a rezoning request.  A request was made to the University

      for some connection to the 460 by-pass.  The University deals with the

      Virginia Department of Transportation relative to roadways on campus.

      The town is in the process of connecting Ellett Road with Hubbard

      Street.  This issue was under discussion a long time ago,  There was a

      proposal to come through on Country Club Drive.  Concerns were raised

      regarding Country Club Drive relative to traffic around schools, the

      airport, etc.  The town had difficulty with residents and this issue

      dropped down on the priority list. They are willing to look at re-

      ordering their priority list.


      Several possibilities were presented to the Committee; i.e., Hubbard

      Street through the campus, airport runway, by the German Club, along

      the edge of University property, connection at Duck Pond Road, from

      Southgate to edge of property.  As a result of those re-workings, an

      alternative would be to re-work Tech Center Drive.  The only difference

      would be to move the road further down Southgate. The University is in

      these stages of discussion at present. One concern is safety at the

      interchange, and the other was relative to traffic on Southgate.  Could

      stay above the intramural fields and close off part of Southgate.  An-

      other issue was to provide appropriate pedestrian crossings.  The town

      indicated making provisions for a loop with Merrimac.  That is still an

      issue for discussion.


  The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.




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