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February 8, 1989


                              BUILDING COMMITTEE

                              400-D BURRUSS HALL

                         FEBRUARY 8, 1989 - 3:30 P.M.

  PRESENT:  D. Ford (Chairman), W. Kark, C. Steger, D. Ludwig, W. Dugger, T.

            Goodale, P. Eyre, S. Hall, Michael Leahy, K. Baker (staff), D.

            Eaton (staff)


  ABSENT:   J. Perry, J. McLain-Kark, R. Smith, M. Schlegel


  VISITOR(S): Minnis Ridenour, Peter Feret







      P. Eyre moved to approve the minutes of the October 5, 1988 meeting of

      the Committee.  D. Ludwig seconded.  Motion carried.




      D. Ford distributed a copy of the target dates for Capital Budget Pro-

      posals (attached), which lists the process for the Capital Budget for

      each biennium.  The schedule for submission of the Capital Budget to

      the Executive Branch was moved up to March 1.  Throughout a period of

      years there are a number of projects that build up, becoming a part of

      the overall working construction plan.  The University is requesting

      permission to prepare Preplanning Studies for all projects listed.  Mr.

      Ridenour informed the Committee that Maintenance Reserve must be listed

      as #1 priority.  This represents a statewide commitment to maintain ex-

      isting facilities before new facilities are constructed.


      The $875,000 request represents planning funds for Arch/Engr.  facili-

      ties.  This request was submitted to address the planning of a building

      in the range of $25m.


      Planning monies have been received from the Federal Government for the

      Agri-Biotech project.  This involves major program plans.  This project

      was submitted as a state funded project with the possibility of getting

      $4.5m from Federal.


      The University has requested a relocation of the Seismograph Station

      because of interference from traffic and lights.


      Funding of projects - dormitory system can only be used in terms of

      providing student housing on campus.  The purpose of the dorm/dining

      hall fund is to build up sufficient reserves for maintenance in an at-

      tempt to hold dorm fees as low as possible.  The University is studying

      the construction of an additional dorm.  In the 88-90 Appropriation

      Act, planning funds are identified to convert an existing dorm to be

      renovated for other uses.  It may be possible to use general funds for

      renovation since the purpose would be for an E&G project.  Part of the

      reasoning is the possibility of phasing out off-campus leases.  The

      University expends approximately $1.2m in Blacksburg for leases of of-

      fice space.  The University is looking to improve the quality of stu-

      dent life with the concept of recreation facilities such as the new

      Fitness Center.  There is a demonstrated need for additional recre-

      ational facilities on campus.  There will be a request for planning

      monies for a creative arts facility.  The University will request au-

      thorization for planning efforts in 1990-92; then construction funds in

      1992-94.  Funding sources may include:

      o   Private fund raising.

      o   Revenue generated from within the University.

      o   Revenue from the facility.

      o   Request for general fund monies for E&G space.


      A question was raised as to the use of the Creative Arts center.  The

      planning effort will identify the total needs that exist for all music,

      theatre arts, dance, performing arts and the Art Department.  Needs

      will be matched against the program included in the Squires expansion.

      The facility will serve academic requirements and major arts facility

      for the Blacksburg area and surrounding areas of the state.


      S. Hall stated that maintenance reserve funds are used to repair steam

      lines, replacement of power plants, roofs, repairing service drives and

      electrical panels in buildings.  All funds appropriated will be used to

      support E&G buildings.


      Funds will be requested for the College of Veterinary Medicine project

      from general funds.  The University has met the commitment in raising

      matching private and federal funds.  The University hopes to receive a

      grant from federal funds for a financial feasibility study by Septem-

      ber.  Based on that study, the University anticipates establishing an

      amount that can be generated through non-general funds.  The College of

      Veterinary Medicine is 47th on the priority list for the lottery bill.

      Monies would not be available until the 1990-91 biennium.


      Dr. Ford stated that there would be a meeting with College Deans and

      Vice Presidents, and Student Government Association officers in mid-

      February and that he would be meeting with the Buildings and Grounds

      Committee of the Board of Visitors in Richmond.  The President's office

      will review the requests again before the March 1 deadline for sub-



      Dr. Eyre questioned the prioritization of projects.  The Veterinary

      Medicine project has been in process for 12 years, with almost 1/3 yet

      to be built.  Dr. Eyre's concern is how new projects are ranked as op-

      posed to unfinished projects.  Dr. Eyre also stated that there is a

      need for upgrading Agriculture and Life Sciences buildings.  It is his

      opinion that the University cannot conduct 21st century quality re-

      search in the kinds of buildings that are available and that the state

      of our facilities in general is below acceptable standards.


      Mr. Ridenour stated that the University will have to start looking at

      the overall programmatic needs of the University and develop a logical

      plan.  He stated that, equally important, we have to find ways to gen-

      erate funding sources.




      K. Baker distributed the status report (copy attached) and gave a sum-

      mary of the status of current projects.


      The Squires project is going well and is a little ahead of schedule.


      Regarding the Student Services facility, Mr. Baker reported that VVKR

      had abandoned the project as of December 31.  Negotiations were held

      with three firms to complete the project.  Further Negotiations will be

      held with Dewberry and Davis.  Legal counsel is pursuing VVKR's obli-

      gations with the State Attorney General's office with regard to possi-

      ble litigation.  The University anticipates resuming construction

      around March 1.  The project was to have been completed in August of

      this year, but completion may be January 1990.


      The Tidewater project is on schedule.



      Food Processing project is 100% occupied.  The bakery is operational

      with punch list items being the only exception.


      The Architecture/Engineering project is on schedule - two months behind

      at the most.


      The fume hoods are being installed in the Chemistry building, to be

      completed in late March.


      Dr. Eyre stated to the Committee that the Business/Chemistry project

      buildings are aesthetically pleasing buildings, both exterior and inte-

      rior.  He expressed great satisfaction with the kinds of buildings be-

      ing built at the University.




      P. Feret presented a progress report of the Arboretum Committee with a

      slide presentation.  The Arboretum is in its very early stage of devel-





      Some of the accomplishments of arboretum were identified:


      o   Formulated and developed a master plan for the horticulture gar-


      o   Scheduled a seminar with the Davis Arboretum Director.

      o   Other seminars are planned.

      o   Provided areas for unusual plants.

      o   Labeling of plants is planned for spring.


      Dr. Ludwig expressed pleasure with the Arboretum Committee.


      Mr. Kark stated that the University experienced a 15-year period with

      very little progress in the area of landscaping.  The University Master

      Plan addresses the issue of outdoor space in a significant manner.


  M. Leahy asked for information on the Parking Auxiliary project with refer-

  ence to  a task force report that has been circulated.  A feasibility study

  needs to be completed regarding fees and payback period.  The Committee was

  informed that the town is interested in a shared parking facility in the

  future.  A parking manager will need to be identified.  The project is

  progressing well, but it will be at least in the fall before a parking reg-

  istration fee is initiated.


  The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.



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