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April 12, 1991


                              BUILDING COMMITTEE

                            Board Room, 210 Burruss

                                April 12, 1991

                               2:00 PM - 5:00 PM



  PRESENT:  Dick Chuises, Jack Davis for Charles Steger, Spencer Hall, Kathye

            Johnston, David Kingston, Gene Moenck, Minnis Ridenour, S. J.

            Ritchey, Ann Spencer, Andy Swiger for James Nichols, Joseph Wang,

            Wayland Winstead


  ABSENT:   Fred Carlisle, Lanny Cross, Laura Koehn, Robert Parsons, Charles

            Steger, Gary Warner


  VISITORS: Wayne Clough, Keith Furr, Daniel Ludwig




      The Engineering/Architecture Facility Subcommittee was invited for the

      discussion of this facility. Gene Moenck presented the options for

      location of the proposed engineering/ architecture facility. The

      facility was initially proposed as a combined facility for the two

      programs, and should continue as a combined facility to realistically

      expect funding.  Gene Moenck reported that he is looking at a site

      directly behind Cowgill in the commuter lot. This would block off Perry

      Street as a thoroughfare directly from West Campus Drive to Turner



      There was discussion over the loss of the commuter student "B" lot.

      Gene indicated that the net loss of student spaces will be about 250

      spaces. This loss is more than offset by the gain of over 1000 spaces

      in the "I" lot and Animal Sciences lot.


      Gene also briefed the committee on the proposed site for the university

      office building.




      Minnis Ridenour introduced the topic by noting that discussion began

      several years ago on how the University could help itself to address

      the significant space deficit. The concept was tested with the

      conversion of one dormitory into office space, with subsequent

      authorization sought to build a new dorm. Converting dorm space to

      academic space is considerably less expensive than building new space.


      Wayland Winstead gave a slide presentation outlining the University's

      long-range proposal for space consolidation, conversion, and

      construction. Discussion followed regarding biotechnology, library

      space, the historic nature of the upper quad, and other matters

      regarding the proposal.




      Gene Moenck explained the class proposal for a low-walled Hokie stone

      entry marker at the town end of the mall. The complete name of the

      University and seal would be affixed and lighted. Minnis Ridenour

      expressed his concern over the sight line of the War Memorial. Other

      committee members shared this concern and suggested that entry markers

      on both sides of the mall might be more appropriate.




      Minnis Ridenour shared his thoughts with the committee members on the

      purpose and role of this committee. This role includes addressing the

      University's master plan, concept of space planning, design,

      aesthetics, use of Hokie stone, and landscaping. This will be discussed

      more at a future meeting. The Interim Budget and Planning Advisory

      Committee will address capital outlay, budget, with the Building

      Committee addressing the general design issues.


                                     Respectfully submitted,




                                     Minnis E. Ridenour, Chair

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