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August 9, 1993




                                CALS Council Meeting


                         Monday, August 9, 1993 - 1:30 p.m.

                               1810 Litton Reaves Hall



  Dr. Swiger called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m..


  Present:  A. Swiger, M. Fitzwater, G. Jubb, B. Allen, J. White,

            S. K. De Datta, B. Vinson, P. Schultz, S. Wolfe, G. Norton,

            E. Collins, & J. Smith.  J. Myers, J. Riddell, and K. Webb

            participated via conference call.


  Absent:  B. Cannell, S. Walton, W. Purcell, M. Frazier, B. Hockman,

           B. Manley, and M. Jones.


  Guests:  L. Moore and V. Boggs.


    I.        Dr. Swiger welcomed the members to the first meeting of the

              Council and asked everyone to introduce themselves and whom

              they represent. Dr. Skip Jubb will be attending,

              representing the Director of the Experiment Station, and

              will have voting rights.  Swiger said this was the first

              step in the College's new governance system and that the

              Council would have several additional members as soon as

              all of the Chairs of the various commissions had been

              elected.  Swiger said that today's meeting would be more

              of an informative meeting since most of the Commissions

              had not met yet.


   II.        Agenda:


              a.    Distribution of Minutes -- According to the

                    Constitution, the Secretary will "...distribute

                    copies of the minutes to members of the Council and

                    to all faculty and other personnel in the College

                    designated by the Council."  The Council agreed that

                    the minutes should be entered on the Computer system

                    whereby anyone in the College could access them.

                    Since the student members would not have access to

                    this, Dr. White said he would make copies and

                    distribute to the student members.  Vernon will work

                    with Martha to get these entered on the computer.


              b.    Approval of Commission on Administrative &

                    Professional Faculty -- This Commission has been

                    added to the Constitution but has not been approved

                    by the Faculty and Staff Associations and the CALS

                    Council.  Commission members have been appointed to

                    serve on the Commission, however, the Chair will not

                    have voting rights on the Council until it has been

                    approved by the two Associations and the Council.

                    Dr. Swiger instructed Martha Fitzwater to distribute

                    the information on this proposed Commission to the

                    two Associations as soon as possible for their

                    approval so that the first reading can be placed on

                    the Council's October agenda.


              c.    Report on Diversity Activities -- Larry Moore


                    Last year, Dr. Swiger asked Dr. Moore to assume the

                    lead role of addressing diversity recruitment and

                    retention within the College. A College Committee of

                    faculty and staff has been established to work toward

                    various goals within this area.  The group, over the

                    past year, has addressed the recruitment of high

                    school students and undergraduates into the College,

                    as well as graduate student, post-doc, and faculty

                    recruitment.  Dr. Moore distributed a hand-out

                    summarizing the seven grants that have been secured

                    to recruit minority and women into the College.

                    Also, the Provost's Office has funded two faculty

                    positions, plus one pending, as well as several

                    post-doctoral positions, in the CALS.


              d.    Faculty and Staff Raises -- L. A. Swiger


                    Faculty Raises:  The College received 3.55% for

                    faculty raises this year, and every penny was put out

                    to the Departments, Experiment Stations, and

                    Extension Districts; these raises will become

                    effective December 1, 1993.  The Department Head was

                    given 3.55% of the salary base of faculty within that

                    Department, and the Department Head then recommended

                    raises for each faculty member based on merit and not

                    across the board.  The recommended raises have been

                    submitted to the Provost for approval by the Board of

                    Visitors at their August meeting.  The Provost

                    requested that the recommended raises not be released

                    until they have been approved by the BOV.  The

                    promotion bonuses and gender and race corrections and

                    compression corrections went into effect on July 1,

                    however only the promotion bonuses were actually

                    received.  The gender and race corrections, as well

                    as the compression corrections, will not be approved

                    by the Board of Visitors until later this month,

                    therefore, they will be retroactive to July 1 after

                    being approved by the BOV.  Dr. Swiger said the

                    University did a study of gender and race bias on

                    salaries, and a deviation from expected salary was

                    calculated on certain faculty and a merit neutral

                    number was generated.  As a result, the Provost made

                    some money available to the College, out of the

                    increased tuition, to correct these deficiencies in

                    salaries.  Also, some Assistant Professors who had

                    been hired several years ago and were at a lower

                    salary than new Assistant Professors being hired

                    today, were being recommended for a special

                    supplement.  Another area that was being addressed

                    by this special supplement was faculty whose salary

                    was well below what it should be or out of line with

                    others in their rank.  For the most part, the

                    supplements are small and would represent no more

                    than a partial adjustment.  Dr. Swiger said that he

                    and Bill Allen and Judith Jones had met with Pat Hyer

                    to discuss the possibility of a similar study for the

                    Extension Agents' salary.  A committee has been set

                    up to look at this.


                    Staff Raises:  This is the first time that staff will

                    be given the opportunity to receive a three-step

                    merit raise.  However, only approximately one out of

                    every 12 staff members would receive the three-step

                    raise.  Between now and October 1, every supervisor

                    and reviewer need to attend at training session;

                    following that, another evaluation of the staff has

                    to be completed prior to October 1.  Between October

                    1-16, from those rated superior, a subset of those to

                    actually receive the bonuses will be chosen.  In the

                    CALS, the Department Heads, District Directors, and

                    Dr. Jubb (on behalf of the Outlying Stations) will

                    make recommendations to a committee, consisting of

                    John White, Judith Jones, and Dr. Swiger.


              e.    Report on International Activities -- S. K. De Datta


                    Discussed various projects, Senegal, Mali, Zambia,

                    SARSA, etc., in which the OIRD is involved.  A number

                    of projects, including the Zambia project, will be

                    concluded at the end of the year; will know next week

                    if Va. Tech will win the Albania project.


                    At the first organizational meeting of the Commission

                    on International Program Policies, George Norton was

                    elected Chair and Dr. Saacke was elected Secretary.

                    Norton said that a number of issues and topics had

                    been identified at that meeting which the Commission

                    would be addressing, such as:  What happens to

                    overhead dollars? What happens to salary savings?



              f.    Status of Allocation Plan -- L. A. Swiger


                    Authorized filling 10 staff positions July 1 which

                    took care of the units which were more than one below

                    their allocation; now have approximately 10 more

                    staff positions to be filled and still have too many

                    faculty, especially in research agency.


                    Dr. White said that the restructuring of the

                    College's Academic Office had been completed.

                    Originally, there were four administrative

                    positions - Assistant Director (Vasey), Director of

                    Ag. Tech (Bell), Director of Recruitment and

                    Placement (A. Smith), and Director of Resident

                    Instruction (White).  Two positions are being

                    combined - the Assistant Director and the Director of

                    Ag. Tech.  White said he had met with the Ag. Faculty

                    Association about the restructuring of that office,

                    and they had signed off on the new reorganization

                    concept.  White also said that Mr. Bell is no longer

                    the Director of the Ag. Tech. program, and that Dr.

                    John Crunkilton is now serving as Interim Director.

                    The position description has been sent to the EO/AA

                    Office for approval and then will be advertised

                    internally.  A Search Committee has been set up which

                    consists of Frank Gwazdauskas, Ed Bunce, and James

                    McKenna (elected by Ag. Fac. Assn.) and Wanda Grubb,

                    Robert Wright, and Regina Smick-Attisano (appointed

                    by Dr. White).  Anticipate that the position will be

                    filled by October 1.


              g.    Report on Staff Recognition Program -- Joyce Smith


                    Last Year, the CALS Staff Association appointed a

                    subcommittee to look at this and come up with

                    procedures to put the program in place.  There will

                    be three awards presented to staff -- a) Dean's Award

                    (presented annually at the staff picnic);

                    b) Exemplary Employee Award (presented monthly); and

                    c) Versatility Award (presented bi-monthly).  The

                    first Dean's Award was presented to Leon Alley, a lab

                    instrument maker in Agricultural Engineering, at the

                    Annual CALS Staff Picnic on July 29.


              h.    Budget Initiatives -- L. A. Swiger


                    Last winter, Cameron Hackney, Research Administrative

                    Intern, played a major role in organizing these.

                    Faculty in the four colleges (CALS, MVRCVM, HR, F&W)

                    were given an opportunity to provide input.  Five

                    initiatives were then submitted to the Provost.  The

                    Provost said that the request was about 10 times more

                    than what he wanted.  Two of the five initiatives

                    were resubmitted -- Commercial Seafood Program and

                    Information Systems.  A meeting of the Vice

                    Presidents and Deans will be held next Tuesday to

                    approve the University's asking budget.  Following

                    that, hopefully, the Governor will include the

                    initiatives in his recommendations to the General

                    Assembly in December.


              i.    Reallocation Process -- L. A. Swiger


                    In order to bring about change within the University,

                    Dr. Carlisle asked the Deans to put 1 1/2% of their

                    resources on the table and explain what they would

                    give up.  Then each will propose new programs they

                    would like to initiate if they were to get funds from

                    the pool of money.  This will occur in October.


              j.    Phase II -- L. A. Swiger


                    Represents an attempt to restructure the University

                    to fit into the resources that we have left.  The

                    theme of Phase II is to work smarter and do more and

                    better things with the same resources.


  III.  Other:


        a)    Dr. Eldridge Collins requested the names of the Chairs of

              the Commissions after they have been elected.


        b)    Dr. Jubb - the VAES Annual Plan-of-Work which was submitted

              in the spring has now been approved; Suella Wolfe has a

              copy of the plan if anyone would like to see it.


        c)    Dr. Allen  - discussed last week's tornado which hit

              Petersburg area; estimates $11.7M damage in Petersburg

              District.  Dr. Allen commended the Extension Agents who

              helped in getting the reports filed.


  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


                                            Respectfully submitted,




                                            Martha M. Fitzwater




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