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December 13, 1993



                              CALS Council Meeting


                      Monday, December 13, 1993 - 1:30 p.m.

                             1810 Litton Reaves Hall



  Dean Andy Swiger called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.


  Present:  A. Swiger, M. Fitzwater, E. Collins, R. James, S. Wolfe,

            G. Evanylo, W. Purcell, B. Vinson, J. Myers, J. Riddell,

            B. Cannell, J. Matthews, J. White, J. Elledge, R. Grayson,

            and B. Manley.


  Absent:  G. Jubb, S. De Datta, P. Schultz, J. Smith, S. Walton,

           G. Norton, B. Ravlin, K. Burke, M. Frazier, and B. Hockman.


  Guests:  V. Boggs, L. Moore, and J. Crunkilton.



  1.    Adoption of Agenda


   A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda as submitted.

   The motion passed.


  2.    Approval of Council Minutes of October 11, 1993


   The CALS Council minutes from the meeting of October 11, 1993 were

   approved as submitted.


  3.    New Business


   There was no new business.


  4.    (a)  Second Reading, College Constitution of Governance (addition

        of Section 8.  Commission on Administrative and Professional

        Faculty), First Reading, October  11, 1993.


   Dr. Larry Moore called attention to pages 1-2 of the handout which

   summarizes the recommended corrections to the CALS Constitution, as

   well as the addition of the Commission on Administrative and

   Professional Faculty Affairs.  Proposed corrections to the

   Constitution include:  1) Addition of the Commission on Administrative

   and Professional Faculty; 2) Addition of A/P Faculty to Select

   Commissions; 3) Change the method by which Classified Staff Senators

   become members of CCSA; 4) List the Virginia Extension Service

   Association (VESA) as the group which will be responsible for the

   election/appointment of A/P Faculty; 5) Correction of title of the

   Virginia Extension Faculty Association; 6) Change in the Article on

   Amendments to include VESA; and 7) Change title of Station Directors

   to Center Directors.  John White moved approval of the recommended

   corrections to the CALS Constitution.  The resolution passed.

   Eldridge Collins moved approval to adopt the Constitutional Change in

   the College Constitution (addition of Com. on A/P Faculty).  The

   resolution passed.


   (b)  Second Reading, Peer Review of Classroom Teaching, First Reading

        October 11, 1993.


        Dr. Crunkilton asked Wayne Purcell to comment on the Faculty

        Affairs Commission's proposed change in Section 2, Part (e), p. 3.

        Section e. now reads - "At least 3 in-class observations of the

        faculty member should be conducted by each member of the review

        team."  The proposed wording (additions underlined): "At least 3

        in-class observations of the untenured faculty member should be

        conducted by each member of the review team.  For tenured faculty,

        whether in-class observations will be required will be at the

        discretion of the department. John White move approval, including

        the amendment suggested by the Faculty Affairs Commission, of the

        resolution.  The resolution passed.  Dr. Crunkilton said that he

        would have the document retyped to include the revision of

        Section 2 and send to Dean Swiger for distribution to departments.


  5.    Reports from Committee/Commission Chairs


   (a)  Bob James - Chair - Commission on Academic Program Policies --

        Commission has met twice, Oct. 13 and Nov. 10; approved

        concentration on international development; a new course ALS 2504,

        Animals in Society; checksheets in Biochemistry, pending some

        minor modifications; a new course BAM 3124, Biochemical

        Techniques for Biotechnology.


   (b)  Sue Wolfe - Chair - Commission on Classified Staff Affairs --

        Commission has met three times; a questionnaire was distributed

        to all staff - some data has been statistically analyzed;

        compiling the rest of the data to get recommendations on certain

        concerns to pursue.


   (c)  Greg Evanylo - Chair - Commission on Extension Program Policies --

        Commission has met twice; most important area they plan to address

        is providing input into the process that will be used to determine

        how the recommendations that have been provided by the Va. Dept.

        of Planning and Budget are implemented for the future of Extension.

        A letter has been sent out to everyone in Extension asking for

        their input; Recommendations are due by December 31; Commission

        will meet again in January to discuss the recommendations.


   (d)  Joan Elledge - Chair - Commission on Administrative & Professional

        Faculty -- Commission has met twice;  communique has been sent to

        all A/P faculty to inform them of the charge of the Commission

        and to let them know that they can bring their concerns to the

        Commission;  their #1 priority is to look at the salary situation

        for A/P faculty.  Dean Swiger asked that Joan provide him with a

        list of all A/P faculty.


   (e)  Eldridge Collins - President - CALS Faculty Association -- Faculty

        Association has met twice since the last Council Meeting; they

        are attempting to arrange an early winter faculty association

        meeting and a late semester faculty meeting;  hope to be able to

        get Dr. Torgersen to speak to the Faculty Association as soon as



   (f)  Jamie Matthews - Vice Chair - Student Assembly -- Student

        Assembly has met twice; revised by-laws and will bring to the

        next meeting of the Council;  several issues of importance to

        undergraduate students include:  a) requirements for environmental

        sciences major; b) lack of club rooms; and c) lack of foot paths

        between Litton Reaves Hall and the Food Science and Technology

        Building. Primary concerns to graduate students:  a) graduate

        student tuition waivers.


  5.    For Information


   (a)  Andy Swiger -- at approximately 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 23,

        received a call from Ray Smoot saying that the Department of

        Planning and Budget had requested that the University tell them

        (assuming a 10% cut in Extension) what county offices would be

        closed and in what order; they wanted information within 24

        hours.  After discussion with Bill Allen, a reply was sent to

        Smoot the next day, and Kathye Johnston phoned the reply to the

        Budget Analyst, who informed Kathye that the reply wasn't good

        enough because it was the Governor who wanted the information.

        Swiger said that if such a list existed it would not be released

        because of political emotions involved.  Swiger also said that he

        hadn't gotten any repercussions on the reply to date.


        Dean Swiger discussed the Provost's Reallocation Plan; they are

        ready to print a draft for 208, but will wait until ready to

        print a draft on all three agencies. Swiger said that a meeting

        was scheduled later this week to discuss 231; meeting will

        include the four Deans that are most involved in Extension, Bill

        Allen, Patrick Liverpool, and Dixon Hanna.


   (b)  Bill Allen -- discussed the Extension Study Report

        recommendations and the process being used to respond to the

        Report.  A letter has been sent out asking for input from

        Extension personnel by Dec. 31.


        Dr. Allen said that the Issues Forums throughout the state are

        nearing completion. Allen also said that the Governor would

        release his budget on Dec. 20, and that a number of budget

        hearings have been scheduled throughout the state. Someone from

        the State Extension Advisory Committee will attend all of the



   (c)  John White discussed a) Student Assembly - two representatives

        from each of the undergraduate majors and one representative from

        each graduate major; Michelle Frazier, a senior in Animal Science,

        was elected Chair; James Matthews was elected Vice Chair, and

        Cindy Yearsley was elected Secretary.  b)  Academic Common Market

        Agreements - Maryland has agreed to allow Maryland citizens to

        attend Virginia Tech in Environmental Sciences Major as an

        in-state student; the General Assembly in Maryland will pick up

        the out-of-state tuition;  Also have such an agreement in

        Biochemistry with West Virginia, and with Maryland in Forestry

        and Wildlife;  considerable discussion now with Maryland for such

        an agreement in Agricultural Education since the B.S. program in

        Ag. Educ. at Maryland-Eastern Shore is closing after this year.

        c) Drop-Add system for seniors to use their terminals in their

        rooms worked very well; system will be open for juniors in January;

        everyone will have that capability at the end of spring semester.

        d)  New students - College now has twice as many early admission

        offers over last year (187 vs. 90); also have about double the

        number of applications for admission over last year at this time;

        Fall Commencement will be held on Saturday beginning at 10:00 a.m.

        at the Coliseum;  e)  Ag. Alumni Organization has reorganized -

        recently held its Board Meeting in Hersey, PA; Marcella Davidson

        is the Chair; Fall event is being planned so that it will not

        conflict with the State Fair;  f)  A number of people are working

        to develop a satellite or electronically delivered masters'

        program in agriculture for Extension Agents, Vo. Ag. Teachers,

        and others; Several states have formed a consortium to develop

        this program, and it may be offered next fall;  g)  The Ag.

        Technology transfer proposal to transfer a very limited number of

        courses from Ag. Technology programs and four-year programs will

        receive its second reading at Committee meeting on Friday.

        h)  Met with Communications Department recently to develop a

        minor in ag. journalism in that Dept.  i)  White and Crunkilton

        have been working with selected group of high school Vo. Ag.

        teachers to develop a very limited articulation agreement in the

        plant materials class and landscape class with our two-year

        program;  if these courses are duplicate courses of those being

        offered at Tech, they could be transfered for credit here into

        the two-year program.


  The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                        Martha Fitzwater






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