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February 14, 1994



                              CALS Council Meeting


                          Monday, February 14, 1993 - 1:30 p.m.

                             1810 Litton Reaves Hall



  Dean Andy Swiger called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.


  Present:  A. Swiger, E. Collins, P. Ballard (for R. Grayson), B.

  Cannell, B. Allen, S. Jubb, B. Manley, G. Norton, J. White, M. Frazier,

  B. Ravlin, S. Wolfe, and S. K. De Datta.  J. Elledge, K. Burke, P.

  Schultz, J. Judy, and J. Gardner participated via conference call.


  Absent:  M. Fitzwater, B. Vinson, S. Walton, B. James, G. Evanylo, W.

  Purcell, J. Myers, J. Riddell, J. Smith, B. Hockman, and M. Jones


  Guests:  J. Crunkilton and M. Denbow.


  1.    Adoption of Agenda


   A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda as submitted.

   The motion passed.


  2.    Approval of Council Minutes of December 13, 1993


   The CALS Council minutes from the meeting of December 13, 1993 were

   approved as submitted.


  3.    New Business


   There was no new business.


  4.    For Information


   (a)  Budget Amendments - L. A. Swiger - Gov. Wilder proposed in his

        Dec. 20 budget a 4.9% cut for Research/Ext. Divisions; these were

        the only real cuts in higher education. However, new monies had

        been requested in the instructional budget which were not

        approved, and these can be considered as cuts as well. They are

        also holding 1-l/2% hostage, and each state university must

        submit a plan on restructuring to SCHEV; if that plan is

        accepted, then the 1-l/2% will be returned to the University.

        There are more serious cuts planned in the second year of the

        instructional budget. Governor Allen is putting limitations on

        tuition raises that can be made in higher education.  President

        Torgersen has agreed to the following:  1) a language amendment

        to restructure the University creating two divisions instead

        of three - the University Division (consisting of the old

        instructional division and the core research programs outside the

        Ag. Expt. Station, as well as public service not included in

        Extension) and Coop. Ext./Ag. Expt. Station Division combined

        (consisting of the two directors who would report to Dean

        Swiger).  2) an amendment to restore the cuts.  3) two additional

        amendments - one for each of our budget initiatives (C-FAST and

        Information Systems).  Dean Swiger discussed how the proposed new

        division would work regarding budget submission and the

        relation to the four colleges.  A lengthy discussion followed on

        the Coop. Ext./Ag. Expt. Station Division merger, as well as

        support from localities.


   (b)  Provost's Reallocation Plan - L. A. Swiger - The reallocation

        plan is on hold until the budget is finished.


   (c)  Phase II Action Plans - L. A. Swiger - Provost has requested a

        draft of our plans by March 15 and a final draft around June 1.

        Department Heads have been asked to give us their ideas, but the

        majority of the writing will be done centrally by the

        Dean and his staff.


  5.    Update on Enrollment - John White - The University has extended

        the application deadline for freshmen from the first of February

        until the end of February.  The number of applications for the

        University is down by 15%, supposedly because of all the

        inclement weather.  To date, for the CALS, we are about 3% below

        compared to the same time last year (601 applications last year,

        582 this year).  Too early to tell about offers since the

        deadline is April 15; should wind up with about 420 offers, right

        now we have 359 offers out.  Also, too early to predict for

        transfers.  Based on comparative figures to last year, we are

        right on target; Anticipate 150 transfer applications and

        about 100 new transfer students.


   The University is finally going to have a policy on class attendance.

   The policy has been through the first reading of the University

   Council and most likely it will be approved. The proposed class

   attendance policy would leave it up to the instructor as to how

   lenient or how severe he/she would enforce the policy; the instructor

   could even ignore the policy if so desired.


   Dr. John Crunkilton commented on the Two-Year Ag. Technology

   enrollment - 5 acceptances for next fall; 4-5 additional applications

   to be processed.  There were also some applicants that have been put

   on hold to see how well they do the rest of their senior year.  This

   spring, we had 13 that were accepted, and 12 showed up.


  6.    Report from Student Assembly - Michelle Frazier - Chair -- At

        December meeting, corrections were made to by-laws.  Also

        discussed the environmental science major, new cross walks around

        the college, club rooms and resources, and graduate student

        admissions.  Next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 15.


  7.    Report from CALS Faculty Association - Eldridge Collins -

        President  -- The Exec. Committee met in early January; meeting

        was not well attended since classes were not in session.  Working

        primarily with upcoming elections.  Trying to get Dr. Liverpool

        to attend the next Ag. Faculty Meeting to discuss his views on

        how Cooperative Extension fits with the Public Service aspect of

        the University.


  8.    Reports from Committee/Commission Chairs


   (a)  Suella Wolfe - Chair - Commission on Classified Staff Affairs --

        distributed handout showing partial response to recent survey.

        Budget reductions, Phase II, and the loss of faculty and staff

        have caused the College to carefully look at how these

        activities are conducted.  The fact that we have fewer people to

        do the work suggests that we need peak productivity.  To that

        extent, both individual employees and their supervisor must

        identify and implement improvement and identify and correct

        activities that are hampering productivity.  Response to one

        of the survey questions regarding the rating of supervisor

        indicated that 71% of those responding rated their supervisor as

        good (36.3%) or excellent (34.7%). This response does indicate

        that there is room for improvement.  Another survey question

        showed that 81.5% of the staff felt that their supervisor should

        be evaluated by staff.   A number of offices on campus already

        conduct upward evaluations or Supervisor Reviews.  Reviews of

        Dean Swiger, the Associate Deans, Department Heads, and Directors

        have included some measure of upward evaluation.  The College's

        Commission on Classified Staff Affairs has begun preliminary

        discussions on how Supervisor Reviews could be conducted.  The

        Commission will be developing proposed procedures to conduct

        Supervisor Reviews, and a pilot program will be proposed within

        the College.


   (b)  George Norton - Chair - Commission on International Program

        Policies --  The Commission on International Program Policies has

        met three times with the discussion focused on issues related to

        the reward system for faculty to participate in international

        activities.  Policies related to overhead, salary savings, P&T,

        and identification of PIs and co-PIs on grants have been

        discussed, developed, or refined.  The next meeting in April will

        focus on curriculum and student involvement in international



   (c)  Bill Ravlin - Chair, Commission on Research Program Policies --

        Three areas which the Commission have been working on are:

        1) changing of human environment in the college and a discussion

        of its impact on teaching and extension.  While the impact on

        teaching and extension is pretty well-known, we really don't have

        a handle on how it will impact research.  Mike Williams from the

        Computer Center attended the last Commission meeting, and he

        indicated they were going to have some policy on computing

        resources that would be out in the next couple of months.   A

        program/workshop is being planned through the Ag. Faculty

        Association focusing primarily on research issues in the new

        computing environment.  A lengthy discussion followed on the

        forthcoming changes in computer technology on campus.  2)  Pat

        Phipps, Tidewater AREC, is working on a conflict of interest

        model; hopefully, some direction which this Commission needs to

        take can evolve out of that study.  3)  A response to the mission

        goals and objectives for the College's sustainability program

        will be discussed at the next Commission meeting.


   (d)  Pat Ballard (for Randy Grayson - Chair) - Advisory Committee on

        Strategic & Resource Planning -- Cmte. has met three times; Randy

        Grayson is Chair; other members include:  Vernon Boggs, Sue

        Tolin, Frank Gwazdauskas, David Vaughn, Tom Covey, Danny Belcher,

        Pat Ballard, and Dean Swiger.  The major purpose of this

        Committee is to serve as an advisory group to Dean Swiger and

        CALS Council on budgetary changes.  Most of the discussions have

        centered around the 1.5 reallocation, the budget amendments, and

        1ST Strategy.    Dean Swiger indicated that the revised strategic

        plan has been published and distributed.


  Dean Swiger reported on the searches that are underway in the College:


  (a)   Department Head - Animal & Poultry Sciences - Dr. Gary Minish was

        interviewed last week and awaiting responses from those that

        participated in the interview.  If they are positive, that search

        may be wrapped up shortly.


  (b)   Department Head - Entomology - Have interviewed two of four

        candidates; the other two are scheduled.


  (c)   Department Head - Food Science & Technology - Committee has

        recommended that we interview two or three candidates.


  (d)   Two Directors Searches - Both committees have meetings scheduled

        to review the applications received.  Larry Moore is Chairman of

        the Search Committee for the Expt. Station Director, and Craig

        Thatcher is Chairman of the Search Committee for the Extension



  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


                                 Respectfully submitted,





                                 Martha Fitzwater


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