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February 3, 1989


                         COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS

                               February 3, 1989

  The Meeting convened in the Newman Library Board Room at 1:30 P.M.

  Present:  P. Scanlon, F. Baumgartner, D. Farkas, B. Grossman, D. McAlister,

  C. Polan, R. Wokutch, A. Woodson-Robinson

  Absent: H. Doswald, J. Perry, M. Schlegal, J. White


  I.    AGENDA:  The agenda was adopted.


  II.   MINUTES:  The minutes of the meeting of February 3, 1989 were held

        for revision.


  III.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  The commission was informed of the National Faculty

        Exchange, which provides opportunities for research and teaching

        abroad.  This year several colleges did not use their full quotas for

        the Research Assignment Program.




        A.    J. Perry circulated a draft of the "Faculty Retirement Transi-

              tion Program."  The Commission members were asked to study it

              thoroughly before acting on it.


        B.    The reports of The Ad Hoc Committees on the Evaluation of

              Teaching and Extension are not yet ready for distribution.


        C.    D. Farkas reporting for the subcommittee on the creation of the

              position of permanent instructors presented several options to

              deal with the problem.  The Commission agreed that upgrading

              the benefits for instructors under the current system might

              solve the problem, and it will instruct the Benefits Committee

              to investigate.


        D.    The Commission tentatively approved a resolution calling for

              fixed terms for departmental chief administrators (i.e. heads

              or chairs), to be decided by each department in consultation

              with the dean of the college.  Final approval was put off to

              rewrite the resolution in order to effect the necessary changes

              in the Faculty Handbook.




        A.    A. Woodson-Robinson introduced a resolution from the Graduate

              Student Association asking for Commission support for admitting

              graduate students to the Order of the Gavel.  The Commission

              agreed to support in principle the efforts of the graduate stu-

              dents to get more recognition on campus.


  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 P.M.

  Respectfully submitted,


  Fred Baumgartner




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