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January 20, 1989


                         COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS

                               January 20, 1989


  The Meeting convened in the Newman Library Board Room at 1:30 P.M.


  Present:  P. Scanlon, F. Baumgartner, H. Doswald, D. Farkas, B. Grossman,

  J. McAlister, J. Perry, C. Polan, R. Wokutch, J. White, A.  Woodson-

  Robinson, D. Hinkle


  I.  AGENDA:  The agenda was adopted.


  II. MINUTES:  The minutes of the meeting of November 18, 1988 were ap-



  III. ANNOUNCEMENTS  J. Perry discussed the new status of Administrative and

      Professional Faculty and noted its implications for the library staff.




      A.  Members of the Commission on Research declined the invitation to

          speak on its resolution calling for the creation of an Academy of

          Research Excellence.  That Commission has little interest in pursu-

          ing the matter further.


      B.  J. Perry reported that the Ad Hoc Committees on the Evaluation of

          Teaching and Extension will be writing their final reports soon,

          and they will be presented at the next meeting.


      C.  The subcommittee on the creation of the position of permanent in-

          structors has found that the number of persons affected would be

          very small.  It will be preparing a report soon.


      D.  The Commission approved a resolution endorsing the memo of the

          Provost to the college deans instructing them that there are to be

          periodic reviews of departmental chief administrators (i.e. heads

          or chairs), that there be written procedures for such reviews spec-

          ifying the manner of involving faculty in the conduct of such re-

          views, and that results of the reviews be communicated back to the



      E.  There was tentative agreement on a resolution calling for fixed

          terms for departmental chief administrators.  Following a final re-

          writing it will be acted on at the next meeting.




      There was no new business considered.


  The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 P.M.


  Respectfully submitted,

  Fred Baumgartner

  Approved February 3, 1989



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