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March 24, 1989


                         COMMISSION ON FACULTY AFFAIRS

                                March 24, 1989

  The Meeting convened in the Newman Library Board Room at 1:30 P.M.


  Present:  P. Scanlon, F. Baumgartner, B. Grossman, D. McAlister,  C. Polan,

  J. White, D. Hinkle, A. Woodson-Robinson


  Absent: H. Doswald, D. Farkas, J. Perry, R. Wokutch, M. Schlegel


  I.    AGENDA:  The agenda was adopted.


  II.   MINUTES:  The minutes of the meeting of March 3, 1989 were approved.




        A.    The Commission approved a resolution changing the Faculty Hand-

              book in regard to definite length terms for department heads

              and chairs and division directors.


        B.    A resolution from the University Council adding a graduate stu-

              dent and an undergraduate student to the Faculty Ethics Commit-

              tee was not approved.  The Commission agreed not to change the

              membership of the Committee.




        A.    C. Polan introduced the proposed policy effecting the universi-

              ty's compliance with the Omnibus Drug-Free Workplace Act of

              1988.  Since the proposed policy in the Faculty Handbook, it

              was agreed to postpone consideration until the appropriate

              wording is prepared.


        B.    A discussion of the Commission's responsibilities for Self-

              Study followup took place.  It was agreed that some of the rec-

              ommendations of the Self-Study have been inplemented.  The

              members were asked to study the remaining recommendations to

              determine how to implement them.




  The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 P.M.

  Respectfully submitted,


  Fred Baumgartner

  Approved, April 7, 1989

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