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November 8, 1991



                       Commission on Faculty Affairs


                      November 8, 1991, 1:00-3:00 P.M.

                            400-D Burruss Hall


  Present: E. F. Carlisle, D. de Wolf, J. Falkinham,

  L. L. Geyer, P. Hyer, M. Lewis (for J. Buffer), C. McDaniels, W. Murphy

  (for C. Schwertz), L. Richardson, R. Sorensen, W. Williams


  Agenda was adopted as circulated.


  Minutes of October 25, 1991, were approved as circulated.


  A motion was made by C. McDaniels and seconded that Commission members be

  granted the privilege, upon written request and subject to the Chair's

  discretion, of postponement of an agenda item to the next meeting.  The

  motion passed by unanimous vote.


  Ascertaining consensus to do so, the chair announced that the matter of

  academic rank for part-time faculty will be reconsidered at our next



  Procedures for approved faculty search - The Provost moved approval of

  the Procedures as recast by the deWolf subcommittee, November 1, 1991.

  (See Attachment 1.)  The motion was seconded.  Discussion centered on

  modifications proposed by Cornel Morton to items 9 and 11 of the

  subcommittee's draft.  L. Richardson moved that the last sentence of item

  11 of the subcommittee's proposal be revised to read: "In addition,

  if ..., the head should attach a memo reporting recruiting

  efforts, as part of the final record."  Motion to amend was

  seconded and passed unanimously.  The original motion then passed by

  unanimous vote.


  The Commission decided to postpone until its next meeting reconsideration

  of CFA Resolution 1991-92A (revision of 2.11 of the Faculty

  Handbook).  At that time it will review the matter with an eye to

  suggestions made by Jerry Cain in memos of October 21 and November 1 to

  Larry Harris.


  Geographical Transfer (CFA Resolution 1991-92B and proposed Faculty

  Handbook Addition, 2.17; see Attachment 2.) - (a) Noting that the

  revision as now proposed is not germane to temporary

  transfers, the Chair asked whether it might be amended to provide

  guidelines for salary adjustment, reimbursement of expenses, etc. in such

  cases.  Discussion revealed difficulty in defining "temporary" for the

  purpose of this policy.  R. Sorensen suggested (1) that questions about

  these cases should be addressed to the State and (2) that should CFA take

  up the matter of temporary transfer, it do so independently of the

  proposed addition to the Handbook now under discussion.  There

  was consensus, moreover, that the Chair explore further with Dean Eyre

  what specific problems have been encountered in cases of this sort.

  (b) Discussion then addressed the final paragraph of the proposed

  addition.  P. Hyer moved that the final paragraph be amended to read "A

  cost of living adjustment will be added to the faculty member's base

  salary during the period they are employed in a high cost area as defined

  for classified employees in the Virginia Compensation Plan issued by the

  State Personnel Director."  The motion was seconded and passed with one

  dissenting vote.


  Much of the immediately preceding discussion was concerned with the

  inadequacy of the maximum increase in salary base ($2000) currently

  allowed for those transferred to high cost areas such as Northern

  Virginia.  The Provost expressed his willingness to determine what more

  adequate increase might be feasible given the University's financial

  condition.  Accordingly, the following resolution with respect to 2.17

  of the Faculty Handbook was moved and unanimously adopted:

  "That every effort shall be made by the Administration to make the

  aforementioned cost of living adjustment reasonably consistent with the

  expected increase in living costs."


  The Chair asked if the Commission wished to invite a representative group

  of faculty concerned with the status of full-time, non-tenure-track

  instructors to discuss recent proposals for classifications of "career

  instructors" and the like.  The Commission expressed its eagerness to

  discuss these questions with such a group.


  The hour being late, the Chair announced that the first two items on the

  agenda for November 22 would be (1) Cain's suggestions regarding

  grievance procedures, and (2) reconsideration of faculty rank for

  part-time faculty.


  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 P.M.



                                William H. Williams





  1. Procedures for Approved Faculty Search, November 1, 1991

  2. CFA Resolution 1991-92B and Faculty Handbook 2.17 (proposed)

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