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October 25, 1991


                     Commission on Faculty Affairs


                     October 25, 1991, 1:00-3:00 P.M.

                             400-D Burruss Hall


  Present: J. Buffer, D. de Wolf,

  J. Falkinham, L. L. Geyer, L. Richardson, C. Schwertz,

  R. Sorensen, J. Wolfe, W. Williams


  Agenda was adopted as circulated.


  Minutes of October 4, 1991, were approved with typographical



  Consulting request approval process - By unanimous vote the

  Commission adopted the following proposed revision of the process and

  forms for requesting and approving faculty consulting:


  "that the department head be given responsibility for approving all

  faculty consulting and that the Consulting Approval Request forms and

  Faculty Handbook be revised to reflect this change." (See

  Attachments 1 and 2.)


  CFA Resolution 1991-92 A on Faculty Grievance Procedures -

  The Commission considered six amendments proposed by Senator J. B.

  Crittenden to the Faculty Senate's proposed revision of the Faculty

  Grievance Procedures (Section 2.11 of the Faculty Handbook). (See

  Attachments 3, 4 and 5.)


    (1) Proposed change in lines 86-90: (a) It was not clear to members of

  the Commission that any useful purpose would be served by placing letters

  of reprimand for significant procedural violations in the personnel files

  of erring administrators, especially given that such errors would result

  in the automatic advance of the grievance to the next level.  (b) The

  proposed language concerning the definition of procedural error was

  thought unnecessary.  The Commission favored leaving lines 86-90 of the

  Faculty Senate proposal unchanged.


    (2) The Commission unanimously endorsed the change proposed by

  Crittenden at line 185.


    (3) The Commission unanimously endorsed the spirit of the

  change proposed by Crittenden at line 192 but urged that the Senate

  incorporate a time limit of ten weekdays for initiation of selection of

  a hearing panel in the Procedures of the Faculty Review

  Committee rather than in its Handbook policy.  The Commission

  proposed that the Handbook revision be amended at line 192 to read

  " ... of the Faculty Review Committee.  The chair of the

  Faculty Review Committee will initiate selection of a Hearing Panel

  within a reasonable time of receipt of the grievance by the



    (4) With respect to Crittenden's proposed amendment of lines 254-258

  of the Senate's proposal, the Commission voted unanimously to strike the

  first sentence of Crittenden's proposed amendment and to retain the

  second sentence, so that the Senate may debate the time limits to be

  prescribed in its "Procedures".


    (5) The Commission unanimously suggested the following substitute for

  Crittenden's proposed amendment to lines 261-264.


  (262)" ...  the aggrieved faculty member may appeal in writing to

  the President of the University as soon as possible (but within a period

  not to exceed three months)"


    (6) The Commission unanimously endorsed the Crittenden proposal to

  change line 330 to read " ...  President, that specific grievance

  is closed  ... "


  Academic Rank for Part-Time Faculty - The Commission

  considered the report of the subcommittee (chaired by L. Richardson and

  including J. Falkinham, R. Sorensen, and E. F. Carlisle) on the propriety

  of the designation &osq.Adjunct status" (FACULTY HANDBOOK,

  p. 9) for faculty (e.g. administrative faculty) employed part-time by a

  department but full-time elsewhere within (or without) the University.

  Noting that the title covers a wide variety of faculty associated on a

  less than full-time basis with a department, the Commission found no

  reason to doubt the propriety of the definition of "Adjunct

  Professor" in the current FACULTY HANDBOOK.


  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 P.M.



                                William H. Williams





  :li.Revision of the Consulting Request Approval Process

  1. Pp. 44 and 45 of the Handbook with deletions indicated

  2. Revision to Suggested Amendments to Faculty Senate Resolution 1991-92A

      by J. B. Crittenden

  3. Proposed revision of Faculty Grievance Procedures (Section 2.11 of the

      Faculty Handbook)

  4. Procedures of the Faculty Review Committee

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