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October 4, 1991


             Commission on Faculty Affairs


             October 4, 1991, 400D Burruss


  Present: M. Arnegard, J. Buffer, E. F. Carlisle, D. de Wolf, J.

  Falkinham, L. L. Geyer, P. Hyer, C. McDaniels, L. Richardson,

  R. Sorensen, W. Williams


  Agenda was adopted as circulated.


  Minutes of April 12, 1991, were approved as circulated.


  Procedures for an Approved Faculty Search - The Provost stated that the

  proposed procedures are part of the faculty diversity plan ("An

  Affirmative Commitment to Faculty Diversity", September, 1991), designed

  to make explicit affirmative action goals of the University and to

  specify procedures for reporting what the University is required to

  report.  Discussion of the proposed procedures focused chiefly on

  whether they give to the EO/AA office too intrusive a rule in faculty

  recruitment procedures.  Given wide agreement that the proposed

  procedures should undergo further revision, the matter was referred to

  D. de Wolf's subcommittee, already appointed to pursue this issue.  Dean

  Sorensen, and the University Attorney, will join D. de wolf, C.

  Schwertz, and P. Hyer as members of the subcommittee.


  Racial Harassment Procedures - Possible, unwarranted impingement on

  tenure review of allegations of findings of racial (and other

  specifically proscribed forms of) harassment or discrimination was

  discussed, together with questions concerning existing procedures for

  dealing with harassment complaints.  Note was taken of the absence in

  the Faculty Handbook (and elsewhere) of comprehensive, generic

  procedures.  The existing subcommittee consisting of W. Williams, J.

  Buffer, M. Arnegard, and P. Hyer was directed to frame general

  procedures on the model of the current Sexual Harassment Policy.  C.F.A.

  also directed the subcommittee to consider further the question whether

  allegations or findings of harassment should figure in tenure review.


  The hour being late, the remainder of the agenda was postponed until the

  next meeting of C.F.A., October 25, 1:00-3:00 P.M.  First item on the

  agenda for that meeting will be the question of academic rank for

  part-time faculty.


  Meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.


                                William H. Williams


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