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April 10, 1992

                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                                April 10, 1992





  PRESENT: T. Bonham (for R. Sorensen), D. de Wolf, L.L. Geyer, P. Hyer, C.

  McDaniel, M. Murray, C. Schwertz, W. Williams


  GUESTS: K. Burke, President of the Virginia Extension Service Association;

  W. Murphy, President of the Extension Faculty Association


  THE MEETING WAS CALLED TO ORDER at 1:15 P.M. by Leon Geyer, who chaired the

  meeting in the absence of Joe Falkinham.


  ANNOUNCEMENTS: The CFA resolution cconcerning the revision of the policy on

  instructors, adopted March 20, 1992, will go to University Council at its

  next meeting.


  THE AGENDA was adopted as circulated.


  THE MINUTES OF MARCH 20, 1992 were adopted as circulated.


  NEW BUSINESS: The only item of business concerned the status of Extension

  Field Faculty in relation to the University Governance System. The question

  arose because of the change in status of Extension Agents from classified

  employees to Professional Faculty. There are two concerns: (1) as Profes-

  sional Faculty, Extension Agents have no representation in the grievance

  system that has jurisdiction with respect to them; (2) there is concern

  among them that their representation in the University system of governance

  (commissions and University Council) is insufficient. Kay Burke, Bill

  Murphy and Courtney Schwertz raised these concerns. Courtney Schwertz moved

  the following resolution:


     that the Commission on Faculty Affairs jointly with the Commission on

     Extension and Public Service appoint a committee to study the status

     of Extension Field Faculty in relation to the University Governance



  After considerable discussion, the motion passed by unanimous vote. In the

  course of discussion, Pat Hyer pointed out that the issues identified arise

  in relation to Professional and Administative Faculty in general. As such

  they are being considered by the Provost's office in consultation with in-

  terested groups. A report on these matters will be made to CFA next fall.

  The committee called for in the resolution adopted will confine its atten-

  tion (as the resolution states) to the concerns of Extension Field Faculty.


  There being no further business, THE MEETING ADJOURNED at 2:02 P.M..





  W. H. Williams



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