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February 7, 1992

                         Commission on faculty Affairs


                      February 7, 1992 - 1:15 - 2:20 P.M.

                              400-D Burruss Hall



  PRESENT: M Arnegaard, J. Crunkilton (for J. Buffer), D. de Wolf, J.

  Falkinham, P. Hyer, M. Murray, C. Schwertz, R. Sorensen, W.  Williams


  The meeting was called to order at 1:15 P.M. by J. Falkinham.


  ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Chairman announced (1) that the proposal on Faculty Re-

  search Appointments will have its first reading at the February 10 meeting

  of the University Council; (2) that the University Council has passed the

  new Conflict of Interest Policy; (3) that CFA need not address the question

  of ownership and publication of technical results, which is being taken up

  now by The Commission on Research and the Commission on Graduate Studies;

  (4) that Courtney Schwertz has agreed to serve in the selection of Alumni

  Distinguished Professors.


  THE AGENDA was adopted as circulated.


  MINUTES of the December 13, 1991 meeting were approved as circulated. MIN-

  UTES of the January 24, 1992 meeting were approved with the following cor-

  rections: (1) item 8 on the agenda, Procedures for Approved Faculty Search,

  was not scheduled for future discussion because CFA had acted on it at its

  meeting of November 8, 1991; (2) Carl McDaniel (not Marg Murray) volun-

  teered to serve in the selection of Alumni Distinguished Professors.


  Pat Hyer announced that the Provost's proposals regarding full-time, non-

  tenure-track faculty may not be ready for discussion at the March 6 meet-

  ing, as planned. After some discussion CFA decided to take the matter up at

  its March 20 meeting, if the report is, in fact, delayed.  The list of in-

  terested faculty invited to discuss the proposal was circulated by Marg

  Murray: C. Wayne Patty (Mathematics), John Stubbs (English), Jo Ann Harvill

  (English/Humanities), Linda Plaut (Humanities), and Terri Bourdon

  (Matnematics). Joe Falkinham will keep these persons informed of schedul-

  ing. Parental Leave Policy will be discussed on March 6 if the report on

  full-time instructors is not yet ready.


  In the absence of the Provost -- and given that the Funds for Excellence

  proposal is still under review -- consideration of the question of encour-

  agement and rewards for University service, originally scheduled for to-

  day's meeting, will be rescheduled for a time at which the Provost can be



  The Commission discussed procedures governing the administration of course

  and faculty evaluation forms. Dean Sorensen moved that the Commission ex-

  press to the Provost its concerns that existing procedures may not be ade-

  quate, or not properly followed, and that it ask the Provost to investigate

  whether such concerns are warranted, and if so, to take corrective action.

  The motion was seconded and carried by unanimous vote.


  Courtney Schwertz raised the issue of the representation of Extension Fac-

  ulty in the governance system under the new constitution. Pat Hyer com-

  mented that this pressing question is part of a larger issue involving

  Administrative Faculty, and that it requires prompt attention. Following

  the Chair's suggestion, Extension representatives are invited to discuss

  this matter at the April 10 meeting of CFA.


  The meeting adjourned at 2:20 P. M.


                                           W. H. Williams


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