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October 23, 1992

                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                               October 23, 1992


  Present: F. Carlisle, S. Crumwell (for J. Buffer), D. de Wolf, J. Moore, M.

  Murray, M. Norstedt, F. Pierce, S. Ritchey, N. Shumsky, J. Smith, W.



  Visitor: P. Hyer, S. MacDonald


  The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by David de Wolf, the chair of the



  Announcements: The agenda was modified, and the discussion of the report of

  the EO/AA Committee was postponed.


  Agenda: the agenda was adopted.


  Minutes: the minutes of the meeting of September 25 were approved with a

  redundant word being removed.


  Old Business: Responsibility for committees: the Honorifics Committee,

  Commencement Committee, and EO/AA Committee report directly to the CFA.


  New Business: Faculty Handbook. S. MacDonald reported on the revisions of

  the Faculty Handbook. All of the minor editing has been completed.  The

  current issue is the consistent use of terminology and definitions of

  position, especially terms such as regular, standard, restricted,

  year-to-year, limited, collegiate, and extra-collegiate. Exactly what are

  the distinctions between collegiate and extra-collegiate, teaching and

  administrative/professional faculty, regular and restricted teaching,

  standard and other regular appointments, and standard and regular ranks?

  MacDonald explained the legal definitions of each term and how they are

  currently used in the handbook. She also said that each term will be

  defined in the revised handbook and used consistently throughout. She then

  discussed the physical form of the revised handbook. It will be available

  in several forms. It will be distributed in a printed, bound version. It

  will also be available on the mainframe computer and accessible to all

  faculty. This version will be kept up-to-date, and faculty can print it at

  any time for inclusion in a loose-leaf binder.  It will also be possible to

  print updates for the loose-leaf version so that a printed, up-to-date

  version will always be available to anyone who wants one. MacDonald then

  asked whether the handbook should be printed as soon as revisions have been

  made or if it would be desirable to wait until major changes in policy

  currently under discussion (grievance procedure) have been completed. It

  was decided to find out when these discussions would be finished and that

  the printed handbook should be available within a few months.


  Adjournment: there being no further business, the Commission adjourned at



  Respectfully submitted,


  Neil L. Shumsky



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