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September 11, 1992

                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                              September 11, 1992


  Present: J. Buffer, F. Carlisle, D. de Wolf, C. McDaniels, R. Martin, M.

  Murray, M. Norstedt, F. Pierce, S. Ritchey, W. Williams


  Visitor: C. Morton


  The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by David de Wolf, the Chair of the



  Announcements: Please send e-mail addresses to the Chair as soon as

  possible. Future meetings will begin at 1:15 P.M. The next meeting will be

  on September 25 in 400D Burruss. Anticipated items of discussion for the

  future include: the report of the special task force on the grievance

  procedure, the possible revision of consulting forms, the pilot project for

  minority faculty, advertising and search procedures for post-doc positions,

  and the "exploitation" of research associates.


  Agenda: the agenda for the meeting was adopted and revised to place new

  business before old business to accommodate Cornel Morton.


  Minutes: the minutes of April 24, 1992 were read and approved.


  New Business: Cornel Morton, assistant to the President and Director of

  EO/AA discussed the constitution of the EO/AA Committee and requested a

  change in its membership. In particular, he requested that members

  appointed by deans be individuals in each college who have some

  responsibility for personnel matters and awareness of college needs to

  bring that knowledge to the committee. A lengthy discussion ensued about

  the desirability of having a handicapped person on the committee. It was

  moved and seconded to amend the committee's Statement of Purpose, Section

  C, to include the following sentence to be located between that beginning

  "The Faculty Senate" and that beginning "One member." "In addition, the

  Assistant Dean of Students for Minority Services will recommend no less

  than two handicapped individuals for membership on the committee, one of

  whom will be appointed." This motion passed unanimously. Further discussion

  centered on the function of the EO/AA Committee and the appropriateness of

  the word "aggressive" in section E2 of the Statement of Purpose and whether

  the President of the University should make all appointments to the

  Committee. No action was taken on either matter. The Chair requested Cornel

  Morton to revise the Statement of Purpose in accordance with his own

  recommendations and the amendment made at the Commission meeting. The

  Commission will take action on the revised document at its next meeting.


  Old Business: (1) The revision of the Faculty Handbook was discussed

  briefly. The Provost said that he will send copies to all new members of

  the commission and requested the entire Commission to read it carefully and

  be prepared to discuss it in detail at the next meeting.  (2) The new

  Faculty Review Procedure was briefly discussed. It will be re-considered by

  the Commission on Faculty Affairs before it is sent to the University

  Council. (3) The procedures for awarding Emeritus status to retired faculty

  members was discussed briefly.


  Adjournment: there being no further business, the Commission adjourned at

  2:20 P.M.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Neil L. Shumsky




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