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February 12, 1993

                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                               February 12, 1993


  Present: S. Crumwell (for J. Buffer), D. de Wolf, S. Fuller, P. Hyer (for

  F. Carlisle), C. McDaniels, M. Norstedt, S. Ritchey, N. Shumsky, W.



  Visitor: J. Johnson


  The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by David de Wolf, the chair of the



  Agenda: the agenda was adopted.


  Minutes: the minutes of January 22, 1993 were approved as written.


  Old Business: The first item considered was the Resolution on Termination

  Procedures for Faculty on Research Appointments. J. Johnson reported that

  the Commission on Research had accepted the modifications recommended by

  CFA. P. Hyer suggested one additional change -- that the statement relating

  to sexual harassment as grounds for dismissal be broadened to include any

  violation of university policy. With this modification, the resolution was

  endorsed by the commission.


  The committee then received copies of the proposed Procedures for

  Allegations of Misconduct in Scholarly Activities. The background of the

  issue was discussed, but any consideration of the procedure itself was

  postponed until the next meeting when the members will have had a chance to

  read and consider it.


  The last item of old business was further consideration of the Faculty

  Grievance Policy and Procedures. The chair reported that a number of issues

  pertaining to the resolution had been brought up at University Council. As

  a result, he, Pat Hyer, and Leon Geyer had formed a subcommittee to modify

  the resolution. P. Hyer went through the resolution point-by-point and ex-

  plained all the modifications, most of which were relatively minor. The ma-

  jor change was the possibility of allowing a grievant to request

  participation of an arbitrator (at university expense) instead of the Fac-

  ulty Review Committee. The commission asked de Wolf and Hyer to discuss the

  matter with Jerry Robinson and report back about the advantages and disad-

  vantages of such a procedure.


  New Business: P. Hyer reported that CFA would soon be receiving a resol-

  ution relating to grievance procedures for administrative and professional

  faculty. This subject will also necessitate some changes in the governance

  system. All of this will be discussed in the future.


  Adjournment: there being no further business, the Commission adjourned at



  Respectfully submitted,


  Neil L. Shumsky



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