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March 5, 1993

                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                                 March 5, 1993


  Present: S. Crumwell (for J. Buffer), D. de Wolf, P. Hyer (for F.

  Carlisle), C. McDaniels, T. Sherman, N. Shumsky


  Visitors: L. Geyer, J. Johnson


  The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by David de Wolf, the chair of the



  Announcements: 1.) the Commission on Research has forwarded the Resolution

  on Termination Procedures for Research Faculty to University Council 2.)

  the chair is regularly receiving minutes from the appropriate committees.

  Any member of CFA who would like to read them is welcome to do so


  Agenda: the agenda was adopted


  Minutes: reading the minutes of the last meeting was postponed until the

  meeting of March 26


  Old Business: 1.)Faculty Grievance Procedures: the commission once again

  took up the question of faculty grievance procedures and considered whether

  to discuss an alternative set of procedures which a faculty member has re-

  cently suggested.  The commission decided to continue discussing the proce-

  dures that it has been working to create for several years. D. de Wolf and

  P. Hyer reported on their conversation with Jerry Robinson and recommended

  that the commission not adopt the use of an arbitrator as an alternative to

  the Faculty Review Committee because this would be a radical change that

  would require re-evaluation of the entire process. The commission agreed.

  The commission then voted to pass the resolution on Faculty Grievance Pro-

  cedures with the stipulation that they be endorsed for a two-year period

  after which they would be re-evaluated to see if any major changes are



  2.) Janet Johnson then reported that the Commission on Research has again

  considered the Procedures for Allegation of Misconduct in Scholarly Activ-

  ities. The only substantive change has re-writing the procedures to give a

  role to the Faculty Ethics Committee, especially in the inquiry phase of

  the process. The Commission then endorsed the resolution of the Commission

  on Research.


  New Business: 1.) Leon Geyer discussed changes in the Faculty Handbook to

  reflect needed changes in the structure of the Faculty Review Committee. As

  it now reads, each college faculty association nominates two members to the

  FRC who have served on the college tenure and promotion committee in the

  past three years. However, the FRC has no role in the t&p process, and it

  is necessary to enlarge the pool of candidates eligible to serve on the

  FRC. Therefore, he is suggesting that the FRC include two members per col-

  lege as a minimum (apportioned like the Faculty to reflect the differing

  size of colleges) and that anyone who has served on Faculty Senate be eli-

  gible to serve on the FRC. The CFA then adopted this suggestion. 2.) P.

  Hyer introduced the subject of Grievance Procedures for Administrative and

  Professional Faculty, and the need to restructure the university governance

  system to establish a separate grievance procedure for them and to give

  them representation within the governance system, i.e. to establish a new

  Commission for Administrative and Professional Faculty and to establish a

  Commission for Administrative and Professional Faculty. After some dis-

  cussion, the Commission for Faculty Affairs approved the Resolution with

  the modification that, while all A&P faculty will be eligible to vote for

  and sit in the Commission for Administrative and Professional Faculty, ONLY

  the professional faculty will be eligible to serve as representatives on

  commissions other than that of Administrative and Professional Faculty.


  Adjournment: 3:00 having arrived, the Commission adjourned


  Respectfully submitted,


  Neil L. Shumsky



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