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November 19, 1993


                    Commission on Faculty Affairs

                          November 19, 1993

                         400-D Burruss Hall


  Present:  L. Shumsky, W. Williams, S. Riley, M. Norstedt, G.

            Holtzman, P. Hyer, R. Sumichrest, F. Carlisle, D.

            Creamer, B. Aliff, J. Buffer, E. Holford, A. Swiger


  1.   The meeting was called to order at 2:15pm by L. Shumsky.


  2.   Announcement:  None


  3.   Minutes of the November 5 meeting were approved.


  4.   Old Business:


  (a)  Class attendance policy was discussed.  Shumsky reported that

  he and Steve Janosik, Associate Dean of Students, had attended a

  joint meeting of the Committees on Student Affairs and Academic

  Affairs of the Board of Visitors where policies on student class

  attendance were discussed.  Shumsky reported to the Committees the

  current status of resolutions pertaining to student class

  attendance now moving through the University governance system.

  Janosik reported to the Committees on recent research completed on

  student class attendance.  Shumsky reported to the Commission that

  several comments were made by Board members expressing a strong

  preference for a policy that requires students to attend class.


  Shumsky also reported on a meeting with Bud Brown, Chair of CUSP,

  in which Brown expressed the desire of CUSP for a stronger policy

  than earlier approved by CFA.  Shumsky then submitted to the

  Commission Resolution 93-94B on student class attendance in which

  several revisions to the earlier approved resolution were

  highlighted.  Creamer moved and Riley seconded a motion to approve

  Resolution 93-94B and thereby replace the earlier approved

  resolution.  Motion passed.


  (b)  Resolution 93-94C on faculty rank and promotion policies for

  Administrative and Professional Faculty was discussed.  Creamer

  reported on a meeting between Holford, Norstedt, and Creamer held

  to resolve conflicts over the resolution that arose during the

  November 5 meeting of CFA.  The recommendation of the ad hoc group

  was that the resolution be approved.  Resolution 93-94C details

  changes to various sections of the Faculty Handbook necessary to

  resolve conflicts between those sections that focus on the same,

  generally procedural, issue.  Considerable discussion followed

  reviewing several viewpoints on the policy that enables the

  awarding of academic rank to A/P Faculty under certain

  circumstances and the procedures intended to implement the policy.

  Creamer moved and Buffer seconded a motion to approve Resolution

  93-94C.  The motion passed.  Norstedt abstained.


  (c)  Shumsky reported on efforts by Larry Moore to regularize

  relationships between Commissions, Committees, and Councils in the

  governance system.  Committees do not have the power to act

  independently.  They report to some Commission.  Commissions have

  been asked to review their committee structures and recommend

  realignment where appropriate.  Three committees report to CFA--

  Commencement, EO/AA, and Honorifics.  The Commission discussed each

  and recommended the following: (1) Request CUSP to consider taking

  responsibility for the Commencement Committee, (2) Reaffirm the

  charge and status of EO/AA Committee as it currently is aligned

  with CFA, and (3) Reaffirm the charge and status of the Honorifics

  Committee as it currently is aligned with CFA.  Shumsky asked

  whether the Commission had recommendations about other committees.

  Discussion centered on the Employee Benefits Committee.  The

  Commission asked Shumsky to talk with the Chair of the Commission

  on Classified Staff Affairs about their views on appropriate

  alignment of this Committee.  Shumsky asked Norstedt to make

  recommendations at the next meeting about appropriate alignment of

  the Library Committee.


  5.   New Business: None


  6.   The scheduled December 3 meeting of CFA was cancelled.


  7.   The meeting was adjourned at 4pm.


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