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November 5, 1993


                    Commission on Faculty Affairs

                          November 5, 1993

                         400-D Burruss Hall


  Present:  L. Shumsky, M. Norstedt, F. Pierce, D. Creamer, E.

            Holford, J. Wolfe, K. Horstman, R. Sumichrest


  1.   The meeting was called to order at 2:15pm by L. Shumsky.


  2.   Announcements:


  Shumsky informed the Commission that the resolution on faculty

  ethics passed by CFA has been placed on the agenda of the

  University Council.  Shumsky also noted that he has received

  minutes from the University Library Committee, the EO/AA Committee,

  and the Communication Resources Committee should CFA members wish

  to review them.  Norstedt asked whether a commission is permitted

  to collapse two committees reporting to it into one committee.

  Shumsky replied that it was permissible.


  3.   Minutes of the October 22 meeting of CFA were approved.


  4.   The agenda was modified to add a discussion of class

       attendance policy and then was adopted.


  5.   Old Business:


  (a)  Class attendance policy was discussed.  Shumsky reported on

  conversations with Bud Brown, Chair of CUSP, and Jim McKenna, Chair

  of CSA about the resolution sent to them from CFA.  A memo from

  Brown to Shumsky was shared with the Commission in which a variety

  of opinions were noted with some critical of the "vagueness" of the

  CFA resolution language.  Shumsky also distributed a policy and

  procedures statement about class attendance of the University

  Registrar that is different from current policy in the Faculty

  Handbook.  Shumsky asked Wolfe:  Which takes priority?  Wolfe was

  not certain, but presumed that the University Registrar policy was

  the official position of the University.  Discussions among CFA

  members continued in which some of the following arguments were

  articulated:  Students will attend class if the instruction is

  viewed as crucial to success in the class.  Attendance should be

  rewarded.  Attendance policy should be left to faculty to create

  and enforce.  Attendance in class is about more than grades on

  tests.  Current policy is inadequate and inappropriate and should

  be changed.  Serious discussion of class attendance should be held

  by all faculty and students.  The discussions ended when Wolfe

  agreed to ascertain which policy is thought to be in effect and

  Shumsky agreed to discuss with CUSP Chair Brown whether a simple

  word change in current Faculty Handbook policy would be well

  received in CUSP.


  (b)  Faculty rank for A/P faculty was discussed.  Commission

  members received from Hyer a resolution for changing some sections

  of the Faculty Handbook to achieve consistency across multiple

  sections and for specifying certain procedures for implementing the

  new policy on faculty rank and title.  Creamer moved acceptance of

  the revised CFA Resolution 93B.  Pierce seconded.  Discussion first

  centered on the use of language of adjunct status for Library,

  Extension, and Public Service faculty if invited to serve by an

  academic department.  The discussion soon moved to a larger point

  by Norstedt that A/P faculty should be "appointed" to an academic

  faculty when rank is under consideration.  The discussion ended

  when Shumsky appointed Holford, Norstedt, and Creamer to serve on

  a subcommittee to draft one of three alternatives for consideration

  by CFA at its next regular meeting.  Alternative #1:  Leave Hyer's

  resolution to stand for a vote as currently stated.  Alternative

  #2:  Prepare a modified resolution for a Commission vote.

  Alternative #3:  Write two versions of a resolution that can be

  voted on by the Commission.  No vote on the original motion was



  6.   New Business:  None


  The meeting was adjourned at 4pm.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Don G. Creamer

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