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October 8, 1993


                    Commission on Faculty Affairs

                           October 8, 1993

                         400-D Burruss Hall


  Present:  M. Norstedt, J. Buffer, L. Shumsky, D. Creamer, G.

  Holtzman, K. Horstman, B. Aliff, P. Hyer.


  The meeting was called to order at 2:20pm by L. Shumsky.


  Announcements:  Shumsky reported that he recently held a meeting

  with J. Wolfe, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, P. Hyer,

  Assistant Provost for Administration, and W. Snizek about roles

  for UDPs.  Buffer reported that he recently met with the Council

  of Deans about the same issue and that discussion included the

  possibility of time limitations of appointments to UDP status.

  Buffer will provide the Commission with his notes from the

  meeting.  Shumsky reported also on a recent meeting with J.

  Wolfe, P. Hyer, and R. Sorenson, Dean of the College of Business,

  about extraordinary promotions.  No resolutions were reached, but

  discussion is continuing.  Hyer reported that she is working on

  several suggestions for language changes to the Faculty Handbook

  and that these items will be on the CFA agenda for its October 22



  Minutes were approved for the September 24 meeting.  Holtzman

  suggested that titles of administrators be included in minutes in

  the future.


  The agenda was adopted.


  Old Business:


  (a)  Commission on Faculty Affairs Resolution 93-94A was

  presented by Shumsky pertaining to proposed language changes to

  section of the Faculty Handbook which details the

  structure and work of the Committee on Faculty Ethics.

  Discussion centered on specific language change proposed by

  Faculty Senate President DeWolf and approved by the Faculty

  Senate.  Buffer moved and Hyer seconded that the additional

  phrase approved by the Senate, "... documenting its findings and

  reasoning" be expanded to include, "... documenting the process,

  its findings, and its reasoning."  The motion passed.


  (b)  Commission on Faculty Affairs Resolution 93-94B was

  presented by Shumsky pertaining to section 3.6.1. of the Faculty

  Handbook which prescribes Syllabus and Performance Expectation

  and section 3.6.2 which prescribes Class Attendance.  Discussion

  centered on whether attendance should be used in grading and on

  whether the University Health Services should be involved in

  providing excuses for students due to illness.  After

  considerable discussion in which a variety of opinions were

  voiced about the appropriateness of the current policy, Creamer

  moved and Norstedt seconded a motion to make major changes in the

  policy leaving only intact four ideas:  (a) that faculty and

  students are expected to attend class, (b) that when faculty are

  unable to attend class they should inform their department heads

  so that appropriate measures can be taken, (c) that when students

  are unable to attend class they should inform their instructors

  so that appropriate measures can be taken, and (d) that when

  students are faced with prolonged absence, they may ask their

  academic deans for assistance to inform their instructors.  The

  motion was passed.


  (c)  Discussion about appointment of A/P faculty to academic rank

  was initiated by Creamer and Hyer and focused on the issue of

  procedures to be used by departments or divisions in initial

  appointments.  The primary question was whether departments

  should employ their P&T committees at the initial appointment.

  Some confusion resulted from not having the recently approved

  policies forwarded to Commission members in advance, and further

  discussion was postponed until the next meeting.


  New Business:


       No new business was introduced.


  The meeting was adjourned at 3:50pm.


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