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September 10, 1993



                         Commission on Faculty Affairs


                              September 10, 1993


                               400D Burruss Hall


  Members Present: Larry Shumsky, Don Creamer, Felix Pierce, Jim Buffer,

                   Marilyn Norstedt, Robert Sumichrast, Golde Holtzman,

                   Fred Carlisle, Sam Riley, and Bill Williams


  Others Present:  David de Wolf, Pat Hyer


  1.    Meetings times were set for 2:15-4:00PM on the following dates:

        September 24, October 8 & 22, November 5, December 3,

        January 7 & 21, February 4 & 18, and April 1, 15, & 29.


  2.    Retirement Transition Program Update  (presented by Hyer).

        Information was presented about the number of participants

        by college or administrative area.  It also was announced

        that the program has been extended indefinitely by action of the

        Board of Visitors at its April 1993 meeting.


  3.    Student/Faculty Relationships (presented by Shumsky).  It was

        announced that President McComas wants a statement prepared.

        The focus of the statement is on sexual harassment.

        The matter has been referred to the EO/AA Committee.


  4.    Election (or Assignment) of CFA Members to the EO/AA Committee

        (presented by Shumsky).  No action taken.


  5.    Family and Medical Leave (presented by Hyer).  Updated

        language of the policy to conform with federal law was

        distributed as approved by the Board of Visitors at its

        August 1993 meeting.  Discussion centered on work load

        assignments given by administrators--especially department

        heads--and concluded that such assignments are management

        issues not faculty governance issues.  If handled poorly,

        however, such management decisions are grieveable.


  6.    Liability Insurance for Faculty (presented by Shumsky).

        The discussion centered on whether faculty are indemnified

        by the University's current insurance policies.  Carlisle assured

        the Commission that faculty are indemnified; still, he agreed

        to ask Jerry Cain, the University counsel, to prepare explicit

        language to make the issue clear.


  7.    Student Attendance Policy (presented by Shumsky).  Discussion

        centered on whether current policy on student attendance

        in class is sufficient. Discussion was far-ranging.  The current

        policy was read.  Though several on the Commission voiced support

        of the current policy, others suggested that it be reconsidered

        in light of perceptions about it.  Shumsky announced that CUS and

        CSA will be contacted to coordinate any reconsideration of policy.


  8.    Extraordinary Faculty Appointments [Eminent Scholars]

        (presented by Carlisle).  Concern has been expressed about

        the explicit role of faculty on extraordinary appointment such as

        UDP, ADP, Endowed Chairs, or Emeritus.  Discussion reflected

        a possible need to clarify these roles; however, discussion also

        revealed that the Commission was not sure of the questions to

        be answered or the problem to be solved.  Shumsky agreed to

        convene a group of appropriate personnel to clarify the

        questions that need addressing.


  9.    Tenure and Promotion Procedure (presented by Shumsky).  The

        discussion was prompted by complaints received from some

        faculty that selected individuals have been promoted by

        procedures not stated in the Faculty Handbook.  Carlisle defended

        the most recent example of the promotion of Charles Steger by

        arguing that the decision was authorized by the Handbook.

        Concern seemed to focus on whether Carlisle had at some point

        in the process concerning Steger stated that the Handbook

        served as only one source of authority for taking such action.

        Carlisle denied making such a remark.  Shumsky will

        take the next step by convening a "working group" to further

        discuss the CFA's role in this matter.


  10.   Meeting was adjourned at 3PM.





  Don G. Creamer

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