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April 19, 1989




                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           19 APRIL 1989, 4:00 P.M.



  Present:  Drs. Bates, Burger, Campbell, Cranford, Eaton, Flowers,

            J. Johnson, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, LaBerge, Mahan, Snoke,

            Sponenberg, Stout, Teekell Ms. Mary Bleier, Ms. Theresa Fried


  Visitors: Mr. John Ashby, Spectrum





      Dean Teekell announced that the final two interviewees for the position

      of Provost and Vice President are on campus this week.


      The Presidential Fellowship letters have been mailed to the students

      who were selected and we are waiting for responses regarding acceptance

      of the fellowships.  Their names should be made public soon.


      The next meeting of the Commission on Graduate Studies will be May 3,

      1989 and will be at the Cranwell International Center at 4:00 p.m.


      Dr. Ed Henneke has been appointed as the new Department Head of Engi-

      neering Mechanics.


      A reception is being held for Dr. Robert Smith, Dean of Education, who

      is returning to teach in the Education Department


      State Attorney General, Mary Sue Terry will be our commencement speaker

      this year.


      Certificates were presented to the Outstanding Graduate Teaching As-

      sistant runner-ups last week.


      Dean Teekell responded to questions regarding the selection of the

      Cunningham Dissertation Year Fellowship recipients.


      Dr. Jack Cranford responded to questions regarding the role of the Ani-

      mal Care Committee in regard to approval of VMSC courses.


      Dean Martha Johnson reported on the activities of the Commencement Com-



  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF APRIL 5, 1989 -  The minutes were approved as



  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Mary Bleier distributed copies of a resol-

      ution, passed by the GSA, regarding the possibility of expanding the

      undergraduate Honors Colloquium and allowing qualified doctoral stu-

      dents to teach one-half of all the Honors classes.  This resolution

      will be an agenda item for the next Commission on Graduate Studies

      meeting.  Dr. Goodale's office has asked the GSA for devise a master

      plan for student activities graduate concerns.  Ms. Bleier will present

      a report on this plan at our next meeting.


  4.  CRITERIA FOR SECOND DOCTORAL DEGREE - Dean Martha Johnson brought to

      the attention of the Commission, concerns regarding clarification of

      requirements for a second doctoral degree.  This will be an agenda item

      for the Course and Program Criteria Committee in the upcoming academic






      addressed the area of academic misconduct of students and faculty.  It

      was decided by the Commission to refer this item to the Degree Require-

      ments, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies Committee of CGS for

      the next academic year.  Dr. Snoke addressed concerns about the TSE

      (speak test).  Dean Teekell and Dean Bernard LaBerge explained the

      structure and enforcement of this testing.  A motion was made to refer

      this issue to the Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic

      Policies Committee for further study next year.  The motion was car-



  6.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:17 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton



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